How to Maintain Focus at Work

  • Updated on January 2, 2023
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Living in a world that offers instant access to others makes it very difficult to focus on work for eight hours. With that said, learning how to avoid distractions is not as difficult as it may seem. Just like heading to the gym daily, focusing on work is a matter of building solid habits

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Here is some advice that will help you stay on track: 

Set Specific Goals

Instead of thinking of things in blanket terms, try making a list of specific tasks you would like to complete. This will make it easier to ignore anything that may hinder your progress. Take a look at your list daily and decide which tasks you plan to complete by the end of the day. Try to manage your time effectively. Be concrete. For example, write things like “I am going to read and respond to emails for 30 minutes.” 

Work in Smaller Blocks

As you continue working, your level of alertness can wane, which means you will be more likely to be distracted. Set a timer and work for 60-90 minutes at a time before taking a break. Playing a game, taking a stroll, or listening to music are all great ways to unwind and reset your focus. 

Turn the World Off

The reality is that the world is filled with countless distractions. Try cutting yourself off from everyone. This includes mobile devices, office phones, colleagues, and email communications. You may need to work someplace other than your office, like an empty conference room. If necessary, you can create a system so you do not miss any urgent messages. 

Schedule Distractions

Every distraction is not negative, and it is possible to use them to your advantage. They can be used as a reward for each block of work you complete. Good distractions include talking with friends and working out. If you are a social media fan, set aside time to spend on these sites/apps, but adhere to your schedule. Remember that you are the only one that can truly control your distractions. 

Practice Eliminating Distractions

Meditation can be very helpful since the only one’s present would be you and your thoughts. If you don’t find this to be something for you, consider performing single tasks over the course of the day. When it is time for lunch, eat. Do not check email and read news simultaneously. While attending meetings, pay attention and avoid doing other tasks. 

Give Yourself Attention

Take notice of the time and triggers of your distractions. What was happening directly before that? Were you hungry, bored, or sleepy? Understanding this will help you avoid being distracted as often as you are now. 

Take Advantage of Technology

There are apps that can assist with everything from tracking your screen time to blocking particularly distracting sites. Once you find some that help you accomplish all of your goals, make sure you do not allow them to be added to your list of distractions.


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