Things to Consider Making an Innovative Business Card

‘Business Card’ will remain the mainstay of any business, without considering the fact how increasingly we are shifting towards a digital age. So, if you still haven’t got a business card for yourself which you can hand out to all your potential clients, collaborators or employers then, definitely you’re missing out on a very essential marketing opportunity because only your physical ‘Business Card’ has the power to make the most real impact on them which even your LinkedIn or business profile won’t be able to make.

However, an effective and innovative business card needs to have more than your name and contact information on it. Luckily, there are countless ways available out there that help you utilize the 3.5-inch by 2-inch space in terms of both design and information to make it stand out the most.

Earlier you must have seen business cards of all sizes, colors, and designs, handed over to you by various business owners in business events as they introduce you to their businesses, products, companies, or services by handing you out their tiny business cards. But, have you seen any modern ones? As everything has been going through a rapid change, the business cards also went through the same. Now, when you take a good look at a business card you will find that more than just a conventional piece of paper containing your business details, they have become ‘Multi-tasking’ tools. If designed right,which you can do yourself with a tool like Adobe Express Free Business Card Maker, these pocket-sized billboards can be smartly used as a bookmark, as a sticker, and even as a ticket to fulfilling many of the professional’s basic needs i.e., brand recognition, advertising, contact information, and of course call-to-action. 

Thus, considering the importance of having a ‘Business Card’ and the value of brand and business that it contains along with it, if you’ve decided to make the same for your company then, these below-mentioned are the top 10 essential things to consider in making your business card an attractive smart card that can leave a lasting impression on all your potential clients and business partners. 

7 Essential Things to Make Attractive and Innovative Business Card

1. Prioritize your Information: Generally, the sole purpose of a business card is to transfer the company contact details from one person to another. But, out of an overwhelming amount of information, don’t get confused about what to put and what not to put on the card, as nobody has time to look at a card overflowing with information. 
So, instead of putting every single detail on the card such as kind of services you offer or names of products you sell; you should simply consider putting the following essential information—
  • Logo (make it the largest element on the card)
  • Name
  • Job Title or Position
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website Address
  • Relevant Social Media Handles
  • QR codes
  • Company Slogan &
  • Images or Headshots, etc.
2. Readable Typeface: The whole point of your business card is to communicate with your potential clients, collaborators and business owners, so it needs to be readable. Therefore, while designing your card make sure to avoid unfamiliar or hard-to-read fonts because if the text is too small, distorted or excessively stylized then, no one will be able to read it.
3.High Resolution Pictures and Graphics: Even though pictures on modern business cards are possible, you have to avoid using very colorful or intricate pictures. Instead of that, make sure to consider adding the original image of high-resolution so that it can be printed without any fuzziness. And, in case of graphics, consider using vector graphics because, unlike raster graphics they can be magnified or shrunk without lowering their quality.
4. Color-Combination: You should choose carefully your text colors so that it can go well with the background color of your card (which should also be a brand color.) For the same, it is recommended that even though similar colors look nice together, they can be hard to read, so you should experiment with contrast colors for legibility.
5. Spice Things-Up to Stand-Out: It’s important to have a business card that stands out in a pile of others and the best you can do for making your business card stand out the most is either to give the edges a colorful paint wash, or to die-cut it into a weird yet wonderful shape. Along with that, you can also consider ‘Special finishes’ that would in turn benefit your business card design strategy. For instance, you can give it a shot for—
  • Embossing: A technique that creates three-dimensional reliefs for making certain areas “pop out.”
  • Letter-pressing: Letterpress printing pushes the paper down rather than raising the paper while inking it for giving your texts a heightened gravitas.
  • Foil Stamping: Gives shiny and reflective like tin foil effect in images.
  • Spot UV Coating: creates a sheen and smooth texture by applying a gloss only on your logo, graphics, and phrases, included in the card.
6. Appreciate Negative Space: Restrict yourself from the temptation to fill each and every millimeter space on your business card either with text or with graphics and instead, apply the ‘Less is more’ mantra. It is because, from a design perspective, leaving out some negative or white space for eyes to rest somewhere only helps draw attention to the space that does include information. 
7. Design for Your Audiences: Last but not least, it has been noticed that many people make their business cards as per their choice and preference by choosing the fonts they want, color they prefer and design that suit them. But, forget that the final destination of their business card is their recipients. 
So, you should avoid repeating this mistake and instead consider your audience’s general taste and preferences in mind while making your business card. For instance, if your target audience is designers, you would create a different type of card than if you’re targeting bankers.

That’s all about the top-7 essential things that you as a business owner should definitely consider while making a business card for your company. To get more tips for Making an Innovative Business Card, you can approach IDGod .

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