The Ultimate Guide to Using Reels Hashtags

  • Updated on March 22, 2023
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Regardless of the purpose for which you’re shooting the reels, take care of the hashtags. We’re sure you’ve heard of this promotional tool many times. Some users promote the idea that reels viral hashtags and in general, this concept is outdated. Discard this myth as you are losing additional opportunities and time saved this way. 

You can find a list of popular hashtags on the Internet. But that doesn’t mean you have to run right away to use them. There are many interesting things to consider about this topic. Let’s look at all the details in this article.

Why do Hashtags Work and Allow Promotion?

Those who still doubt the effectiveness of hashtags can easily be changed by showing a huge number of real success stories. Promotion experts constantly recommend to their clients and use hashtags themselves. Of course, this tool works in conjunction with proper design, good video quality, and other details that are important to observe to maximize effectiveness.

Hashtags for reels work for several reasons:

  1. Users can search for videos on specific topics. To do this, they often type text into a search engine or immediately type in hashtags. When searching, hashtags are of greater importance.
  2. Using hashtags increases the chance that you will get into recommendations, and therefore you can get a lot of views.
  3. This is a free way to promote, which requires no additional investment.
  4. To increase the recognition of the company, create branded hashtags. This allows users to navigate faster when searching for a particular product or service.

This option of promotion is relevant for any sphere. For this reason, hashtags are used to increase coverage, attract the audience to the blog, increase the number of sales for goods or services, etc. The benefits are many, as are the opportunities, so it’s worth starting to use hashtags while they remain so popular and effective. 


If you post reels on Instagram but haven’t yet used hashtags, be sure to do so. After a while, with the right steps, you’re sure to notice improvements. There is a well-known rule of thumb – write no more than 30 hashtags per post. The fact is that in this case, the hashtags will not be perceived properly, and will look like standard text. There should be a little of everything good, so adhere to this principle both in the creation of videos and during their publication. Allow users and the platform itself to easily perceive the incoming text as a tool for promotion and notice how successful it will be. 

Actual hashtags can be collected from various sources. It is not always necessary to choose only the most popular words, because among the large number of publications you can get lost instantly, which means that no one will notice your video. Nevertheless, you can pay attention to which hashtags a profile with an identical message (niche) posts, go to recommendations and keep track, and check the hashtag top. 


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