Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy for Beginners

  • Updated on December 7, 2022
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YouTube has had an enormous effect on our society over the last few years, creating a market for content creators such as YouTubers with millions of subscribers, influencers with millions of followers, and video creators who produce thousands of videos daily. For many content creators, social media platforms like YouTube have been integral to their marketing strategy.

Some of the biggest brands worldwide have millions of subscribers to their YouTube channels. However, if you are one of those businesses or entrepreneurs who has still not hopped on the bandwagon yet (which is fine), you probably are unaware of why so many successful people are using YouTube to promote themselves and their businesses. The reason is pretty simple. When it comes to marketing on social media, YouTube dominates all other platforms.

Here are Some Effective YouTube Marketing Strategies for Beginners:

Produce High-Quality Content

The first step towards success in YouTube marketing is ensuring you produce high-quality content. You should also ensure that your videos are compelling. Always make sure you use good lighting and imagery; you may even want to invest in a tripod or a camera stabilizer since every movement of your hand can be seen onscreen as a jittery movement. This will make it harder for viewers to watch the video through to its end and complicated for them to take away any useful information from your video. 

Like any other form of content marketing, the quality of your videos and your content targeting should be consistent with the quality of your audience. You need to produce compelling content worthy of being shared by millions of people on social media platforms. That said, the factor that makes YouTube different from other social media platforms is that it is video-oriented. You need to ensure that the content of your videos is engaging and informative, especially when dealing with tutorials. A youtube video editor can be used to ensure that your videos stand out from the rest.

Create Custom Thumbnails:

One of the most important things you can do when producing YouTube content is to create custom thumbnails. There are several ways in which your thumbnail can affect how your videos rank on YouTube and gain you, viewers. The first thing is to ensure that the thumbnail accurately reflects the content of your video. It should act as a teaser for your video, allowing people to get a glimpse of what the video is about just by looking at the thumbnail.

Secondly, if your thumbnail has text in it, make sure that the text is not too hard to read. Fonts should be large and readable, which can be possible with proper image size. The same principle also applies to images; don’t just include a picture of an object or scene that vaguely relates to your video. Instead, create a custom image that reflects what your content is about.

Make a Channel Trailer:

One thing you can do to get your viewers excited about watching your videos is to make a trailer for your channel. This typically consists of a short video (less than a minute long) that simply shares some information about the content you will produce on your channel. This can then be shared on other social media platforms to help spread the word about the project you are working on, especially if you have an active community of people who want to support you. You can use a YouTube intro maker free online to create a trailer that is perfect for your channel.

SEO is Key:

The title of your videos is one of the essential aspects of SEO when ranking on YouTube. The title should not just be random or meaningless but something that accurately reflects what the video is about and entices viewers to click on it. Moreover, you should also ensure that the description is filled with compelling information that could persuade someone who has never heard of you to watch your video.

Use Rich Tags:

This is another advanced feature that you can use to help make your videos more appealing and keyword-optimized to rank higher in search engines like Google. Rich tags are essentially small pieces of text that appear under your video and act as a keyword that directs the Google spider to your video for it to be able to index it. It can also play a significant role in getting your video ranked on YouTube.

Create Eye Striking Channel Header:

The channel header is a piece of artwork that is displayed as a banner at the top of your YouTube channel. It allows users to quickly identify and connect with your brand and will also be something they remember later on when they try to find you again. With all these factors in mind, create a piece of eye-striking artwork representing your brand that users will love. The channel header can be a great tool to attract subscribers to your channel and encourage them to subscribe.

Use Annotations and Cards:

Using these features on YouTube is a great way to interact more intimately with your viewers and offer more information about the video without actually having to make another video. These annotations can also direct users to subscribe to your channel, encouraging them and allowing you to spread the word about your content. As for cards, these images contain information about a specific topic, such as a product or a service. These cards then include their link, which directs the viewer straight toward where they need to go.


This tool is extremely useful for getting people to subscribe to your channel. A button appears at the end of each video, and viewers can click on it to subscribe to see more of what you have to offer. This will send them straight to your YouTube channel, where they can view your other videos and potentially subscribe. It can also be used to allow them to like your videos and leave you a comment.


YouTube is a prime place for branding yourself or your company. The reason is that most of the videos are viewed on desktop or laptop computers, which makes them ideal for branding purposes. You can create simple demos and product presentations, so people get a sense of what your company does and what you have available for them to buy.
YouTube is a great place for content creators to share their work with the world and gain valuable insight into the online market. If you want to use your YouTube channel effectively, the fact is that you need to produce more content and market yourself better. Remember that to gain traction and grow your channel, you need people to watch your videos and share them with others. Producing high-quality content worthy enough to be shared by others is the most significant way you can market yourself.


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