Top Websites for Language Learning in 2023

The world community has opened a large number of educational courses that can be taken online, absolutely free. Fluency or sufficient language skills to have a conversation can be helpful for you to do better business even at home. Below we have collected the most popular online courses for learning foreign languages.

It is very difficult to do without knowledge of a foreign language nowadays. And why? After all, thanks to the language, books, and articles that will be available to you, you will be able to communicate with people from the most remote corners of the planet and learn about the culture of different countries! And you already know how important knowledge of a foreign language is for work.

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To begin with, learning should be structured and systematized. You can read more about it in the article 6 Tips to Learn Foreign Language More Effectively. To speak English fluently and understand the interlocutor, you should do the following.

  • Replenish vocabulary. A large vocabulary will allow you to speak as freely as possible, so do not be lazy to learn new words.
  • Don’t be afraid to practice and communicate. Use professional translation services if you feel the need for help and improvement.  After all, the more you speak, the easier it will be for you to formulate your thoughts in English.
  • By reading books and articles, learned words and grammatical constructions will be easier to remember.

We will tell you about resources on which you will find at once all the necessary information. So, what sites will help to train this or that skill?

  • InterPals is one of the oldest sites for those who want to learn foreign languages ​​not from boring textbooks, but in the most interesting way – in the process of communicating with friends from all over the world. The site has all the basic elements of social networks: a detailed profile with a personal photo, photo albums, discussions in the user feed, search for friends, privacy and security settings, and more. And help people from all over. Apart from language learning, one can also opt for hands-on training in language translation services, as provided by agencies like “Languex” that also specializes in translation services San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and in all major US cities.
  • Forvo is a service that allows you to record the correct pronunciation of a foreign word. That is, users add pronunciation of words in their native language on a volunteer basis. In addition, a user who is interested in pronouncing a foreign word can add it to the waiting list. Users can vote for different pronunciations of one word, thus creating an appropriate rating. In addition to users, there is a team of volunteer editors who check the pronunciation of new words.
  • Lingualeo. It is considered one of the best resources for a comprehensive study of English. Here you will not only learn words but also be able to learn grammar. And this is a huge plus because often language sites provide little material on learning grammar. Lingualeo has an IELTS simulator.
  • Busuu is another community of over 80 million enthusiasts who help each other learn 12 foreign languages. You need to register, choose a foreign language, learn and follow the progress of friends. Here you can find a large number of different lessons for memorizing vocabulary, pronunciation practice, and more. Exercises and tasks performed by you will be checked by native speakers, and you, in turn, will check them.
  • The stated mission of well-known TED conferences is to freely disseminate unique ideas – “ideas worthy of dissemination.” In turn, TED Talks has more than 400 videos of various speeches and lectures at the TED conference. You can listen to the material at any time: during breaks at work, after washing dishes. Many famous scientists give lectures on certain topics, from climate change to peace talks on social issues. 
  • Quizlet. This resource is perfect for replenishing vocabulary. The great advantage of this site is that you are not limited by a certain dictionary. You can enter your own words or copy them to another resource. Then you choose whether you want to practice translating words from one language to another.

Education Absolutely Free

Education is one of the most important things we get in life. Some people make education absolutely free for us so that everyone has the opportunity to get the education they deserve. There are more and more ways to learn languages online and more and more online platforms to communicate with native speakers from around the world. Only conversational practice will help to use a foreign language fluently. We offer a selection of online resources for those who want to learn or improve English and love self-education.


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