The Best Apps for Your Phone to Help You Study

Study time is the best moment for you to prepare for exams, understand concepts better, and get ready for your future. Without proper organization, it can be a boring exercise that you are never excited about. 

You can make your study time experience better using mobile applications for study. They help you break your study time into manageable bits, become creative with better study styles, or do something out of the ordinary during the study. These applications will help study better. 

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Use Revision Applications

Revision apps are important to study organization apps, especially when exams day is drawing closer. It can be difficult to choose the right resources for study but with the right revision applications, your study time experience is the best. 

Exam countdown app helps you track your exam dates so that you never miss one. If you know when a certain exam is coming, it is easy to plan when to start to study for that specific test. You give each exam a color code and once you save the date, the clock begins to countdown immediately. 

eBooks Applications

eBooks apps help you read books on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You can use them to store your favorite study books and make reading easier. They open different files and help you navigate through a book with ease. 

Amazon Kindle is one of the most widely used applications for reading books. It has hundreds of free eBooks for you to choose from. You choose the font you want to make reading better. Other features are passage highlighting and easy search features. 

Apps are important in making your study time better, although students require greater commitment and discipline when using them. A bigger challenge might be to choose the right application, especially when you have assignments to do. Sometimes it can be strenuous to effectively work on your papers because they require a lot of time to complete. You can make your college life easier if you get professional coursework help with EduBirdie service, where only qualified writers will complete your paper for you. This is the best professional help online that gives you peace of mind and helps you score high in exams.

Planner Applications

Planner apps help a student stay organized. They help them organize class schedules and create a table for effective study. Some planner apps will send text reminders on the mobile phone or beep whenever it’s time for a certain activity.

The Class Timetable is a common planner app used by students to create precise activity tables. A student uses it to create weekly study schedules, class lessons, and track assignments. It sends reminders and uses widgets to make table access easy. 

Organizing Study Notes

Sometimes a student’s notes can get mixed up so studying them becomes difficult. Students take notes on papers during study or as ideas flow. A few days later, it might not be easy to tell which idea was for a specific lesson or topic. A study notes organizer will help keep all your notes in one place and organized well, just the way you would love. 

The Evernote app is used to take notes, organize your tasks well, and archive others. You use it to create various types of notes such as texts, photos, audio, and images. The app is compatible with any type of operating system. 

Distraction Apps

Study time can be distracted by several things like the TV, radio, social media, or other mobile apps. They make you keep pausing your study time but this may affect concentration and productivity. Distraction apps help keep off or limit distractions in the study room.

The Freedom app will block all online and device distractions to help you focus on your study time. You tap on its on button to keep it active during your study time. You may set the specific apps you want to be blocked and specify the time you want them to stay inactive. 

Fitness Apps

Both physical and mental health is important for effective student study time. Students need to track their weight, exercise, and calorie intake to help them stay healthy. 

MapMyFitness is a mobile app that a student can use to log on to different types of workouts. It connects them to a social community to better motivation. The app uses adapting training strategies that a student can adapt easily. 


Students can develop effective study skills to make their study time experience better. There are hundreds of mobile applications that help make study time more effective. There are eBook reading apps for reading any type of eBook. Collaboration apps help improve teacher-student collaboration, while note-taking apps help take notes fast and keep them organized in one place. 


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