5 Helpful Apps for Sending Mass Texts

There was a time when people used SMS for mass marketing almost everything out there. However, the limited technological advancements and the fact that the only readable text was SMS meant that it could not be honed fully. However, with data speeds increasing and smartphones taking over the world, SMS became a secondary tool, with email taking the lead. Nonetheless, as our mailboxes are overflowing every day, people want to stay away from them as much as possible. This makes it the perfect time to go back to SMS which, as it happens, has also become relatively cheap. In fact, using an SMS API enables companies to use their existing technical infrastructure to connect with customers immediately. An SMS API is a defined set of instructions which enable applications to send SMS via an SMS Gateway. A business SMS Gateway API allows companies to unlock SMS capabilities in their existing software platforms. Here are five apps that you can use to jumpstart your SMS marketing right away!

1. TextMagic

Of all the popular mass texting apps available these days, TextMagic seems to be getting a considerable amount of traction. You could think that it has something to do with advanced techniques and complicated marketing algorithms, but it is not. What makes this app so unique is the fact that you can have your first text on its way to your target population within a few moments! That kind of efficiency and simplicity is exactly what you need to make sure that you can spend the least time on sending the SMS and maximum time on creating campaign ideas.

2. SimpleTexting

This is another great example of why simplicity is the way to go when it comes to SMS marketing. The app is extremely simple, and you do not even need to go through a length-starting guide to understand how it works. In fact, you could skip it completely and still be able to send mass texts without any problems. This software also has several automation features that allow customers to get more frequent updates and details from you based on their subscriptions which they can also do via SMS. You can also view the performance of each campaign using the Analytics tab in this app.

3. Salesmsg

This app is only available to US and Canadian users, but it is worth investing in if you are running a small business there. The simplicity is also present in this app as you only have four main tabs to go through. However, those four tabs comprehensively cover a range of options including service code set, integration with popular email and calendar clients, complete campaign management, and even direct interaction with customers including bookings. It may be a small tool, but it can easily carry a small business’s needs.

4. EZ Texting

If you need help setting up your mass texting plans, this app can be great for you. With help options present in virtually every part of the app, you can guide yourself through a complete campaign setup and run it smoothly. This is certainly not as simple a tool to use as the previous ones as it contains quite a few functions. However, it makes sure you understand everything as you go along which makes it great if you are a business that is trying to grow.

5. Twillo

This app may be the most complex option here, but it is certainly worth taking the learning route for this one. The level of customization that you can do using APIs is amazing. You can add a wide range of features and platform support, making it highly functional, efficient, and automated. This app is perfect for developers who want to connect with a large number of people in their groups for surveys, etc.


All these apps suit a different type of entity with their specific features, cost, reach, and other factors. Explore them all and let us know which one you would like to use and why.


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