Tips to Make Your Linkedin Posts Stand Out

  • Updated on December 20, 2021
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LinkedIn is the only business social networking site with nearly 675 users and 333 active users per month. This social network also offers multiple exposures and allows you to connect better with your contacts and prospective clients. Whether you own a small business or have a remote team for your organization, LinkedIn will offer multiple opportunities.

LinkedIn also allows you to post your content on its blog section. You can use it to showcase your skills and also make a mark. But, regular posts may not be enough. Make something out-of-the-box to catch the attention of viewers.

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So, what do you need to do? Here are a few ideas for those who are looking forward to attracting attention through LinkedIn-

Make the Headline Engaging

The headline of your posts is enough to catch the attention of your audience. Whether it is a blog post or case study or industry tip, or a simple DIY or top sharing post, you need to craft the headline with attention. An engaging headline is enough.

People now have a shorter attention span and want to get a faster grasp on content within a few minutes. So, you have to be creative to attract their attention. A title with a little-known fact, with an engaging catchphrase or jargon, can be enough.

In the case of LinkedIn, a 40 to 45 character long headline with stylish phrases which do not impose a question is often the top-ranking one. Hence, you can follow these small tricks.

You can also try your hands with a LinkedIn headline generator for effectively generating headlines for your post. In addition, a generator can offer you some great and intelligent recommendations according to the trend. Moreover, you can also take help from SendKoala to generate a compelling headline and reach your potential clients through LinkedIn.

Make It Easy to Understand and Readable

Readability is a crucial point for a successful post on LinkedIn. Millions of people use it, and many of them have a different way of understanding and writing or reading English than native speakers. So, using a lot of complex words can be a letdown for many. If you want to reach a million at once, avoid complicated sentences in your post, Instead use easy language with proper fluency. It should be easily readable and must maintain a good readability score. Often experts say that the posts should be enough for a 5th standard student.

Hence, avoid anything unnecessary unless you only want to attract a handful of audiences!

Add Personal Touches to the Blogs 

If you are interested in making some impact, give your blog or post a personal approach. According To Experts, blogs with headlines and content in the first person often perform better. Such posts easily make a personal connection with the readers and attract them instantly. Using a  LinkedIn headline generator can be helpful in such cases. 


LinkedIn is gradually becoming a different social network site for businesses and professionals to engage and exchange their ideas with time. Therefore, a good blog post on LinkedIn can help you reach a wide range of targeted audiences.

You can use the following tips to make some much-needed impact on your audience on LinkedIn. Besides that, there is always a scope for customization if you want. 


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