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You’re working hard to build your email list, crafting engaging newsletters and promotions to keep your subscribers coming back. But how do you know that all those emails you’ve collected are even valid? Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours designing an email campaign only to find out half the addresses bounce. Before you hit send on your next email blast, run your list through a free email verification tool.

With our free email verifier, you can instantly check the validity of up to 100 emails per month and ensure each address is deliverable. No more wasted time or money on undeliverable emails. Clean up your list and boost your open and click-through rates to drive more sales and subscribers. What are you waiting for? Test out ZeroBounce’s email verifier today and start connecting with real subscribers who are ready to hear from you.

Why You Need to Clean Your Email List?

A clean, up-to-date email list is essential for successful email marketing. Why? First, invalid and inactive emails drag down your open and click rates, damaging your campaign’s effectiveness. Second, spam complaints from bad addresses can hurt your sender reputation and delivery rates.

To boost your email marketing results, you need to verify and validate your list. That’s where a free email verification tool like ZeroBounce comes in. ZeroBounce checks each email in your list to confirm it’s deliverable and belongs to the intended recipient.

How Our Free Email Verifier Tool Works

To get started, just enter an email address in the field provided on our website. Our email verification API will then check that email against major mailbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo to confirm it’s valid and currently in use. If the email checks out, you’ll see a “valid” message. This means that your email is in working order and ready to receive your campaigns. Using only verified emails in your contact database helps maximize deliverability and open rates.

However, if an email bounces or is invalid, you’ll be notified right away. Our email checker provides details on the reason for the bounce, such as a full inbox, domain issues, or an inactive account. You can then promptly remove or re-confirm that email to keep your list clean. A clean, up-to-date contact list is essential for successful email marketing. Our free email verification tool makes it easy to validate new subscriber emails as well as double-check your existing database. Regularly verifying and maintaining your list helps build a strong foundation for high open and click-through rates, more sales, and happy customers.

Features of Our Email Validation Tool

Our free email verification tool offers several useful features to help you clean up your email list and boost your email marketing results.

Real-time Email Validation

As soon as you enter an email address into our email checker, it instantly verifies the email in real-time. It checks that the email structure is correct and that the domain is valid and currently active. This allows you to verify emails as you collect them or upload your list, instead of validating the entire list at once.

Catch-All and Role-Based Email Detection

Our email verifier tool can detect catch-all emails and role-based emails. Catch-all emails like ‘’ will accept any username before the @ symbol. Role-based emails contain generic roles like ‘info@’ or ‘admin@’ that could belong to multiple people. Detecting these kinds of non-personal emails allows you to remove them from your list or flag them for further verification.

Typo and Syntax Correction

Not all email addresses in your list may have been entered correctly. Our email validation solution uses algorithms to detect common typos, spelling mistakes, and syntax errors in email addresses and suggests corrections. This helps ensure emails that were simply entered incorrectly still get validated and added to your clean list.

Advanced Email Validation

For added security, enable our Advanced Email Verification. This uses a two-step process to verify that emails in your list are associated with real people. First, it validates the email structure and domain. Then it sends an email to the address with a verification link. Only once the recipient clicks the link is the email added to your validated list. This helps combat email spoofing and ensures all emails in your list represent real potential customers or subscribers.

Start Testing Your Email List for Free With ZeroBounce

Now that you have your free ZeroBounce account, it’s time to start cleaning up your email list. Our powerful email verification tool allows you to check the validity of up to 2,500 emails per month at no cost. Here are the steps to get started:

Upload Your Email List

First, upload your contact list by either:

  • Selecting “Upload CSV or TXT file” and choosing a .csv or .txt file from your computer
  • Copying and pasting emails directly into the text box, with each email on its own line

ZeroBounce will automatically detect the format and start the verification process.

Check Email Status

Once your list has been uploaded, ZeroBounce will check each email for:

  • Valid syntax (is it formatted like an email?)
  • DNS lookup (does the domain exist?)
  • Mailbox verification (is this a real, active email?)

You’ll see the results displayed as valid (green), invalid (red), risky (yellow), or unknown (gray). Now you can confidently scrub invalid and risky emails from your list.

View Email Details

For any email, you can click “Details” to see specific information like:

  • The email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Location (country and region)
  • Date the email was first seen and last verified
  • And more!

Use these insights to better segment your email list and craft targeted campaigns.

Export Clean List

When you’re done reviewing and cleaning your email list, simply click “Export Clean List” to download an updated .csv file with only valid emails. Your list is now optimized and ready to use in your email marketing campaigns for improved deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates.

Start testing ZeroBounce’s free email verification tool today and experience the difference clean, validated data can make to your email marketing success. Our goal is to provide helpful tools and resources so you can boost ROI and build a loyal subscriber base. Let us know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it, an easy way to clean up your email list and ensure maximum deliverability. Using a free email verification tool is a no-brainer if you want to see better open rates, higher click-through rates, and more sales from your email campaigns. What are you waiting for? Head over to ZeroBounce and plug in your list to get invalid and risky emails flagged so you can remove them. A clean, high-quality list is the foundation for email marketing success. Take advantage of this free offer now and start reaping the rewards of improved email deliverability and higher response rates. Your future self will thank you for the extra sales and subscribers you gain from this one simple step.


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