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  • Updated on November 17, 2022
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Subscribing to telegram channels is an easy way to stay up to date with the news, be the first to know about all events, and receive cryptocurrency trading signals and forecasts for digital assets in a timely manner. In addition, having up-to-date information sources at hand is a way to save time on searching for data on the network yourself. Unfortunately, not all Internet resources are equally effective, but we can’t imagine life without the internet.

To simplify the search for suitable options, the BeInCrypto editors have compiled the top 3 best telegram channels about digital assets, where you can get not only the latest news but also trading signals for trading cryptocurrencies.


The news portal provides the official telegram channel of the international online publication about cryptocurrencies. Here the reader will find current news from around the world about blockchain and digital assets, as well as cryptocurrency signals. The channel publishes daily technical analyses of various coins, forecasts, and reviews of services: from crypto wallets to DeFi applications. Subscribers also have access to exclusive interviews with popular crypto experts.

The CryptoDiffer channel is universal. One of its advantages is that the platform participants can discuss topics of interest with other crypto enthusiasts. Channel users can also communicate with professional traders and receive cryptocurrency signals from them. The site will be interesting because it wants to be in the thick of things and have the opportunity to discuss top news with participants in the digital asset market. Also, the CryptoDiffer channel is indispensable for traders who want to regularly receive trading signals from professionals.


Recently, the favorite news portal publishes information on the telegram channel. For the most part, this is a Telegram channel about trading. Its authors give an assessment of the current market situation. The authors of the CruptoLibrarys telegram channel publish daily cryptocurrency signals (1-5 per day) that can be used in trading. Many of them are based on insider information that appears late in the media. CruptoLibrarys can automatically execute cryptocurrency signals through a trading bot. CruptoLibrarys has a VIP chat. It allows you to receive unique trading signals and discuss investment prospects with experienced market participants.

The project will be useful for both novice traders and professionals. The authors of the channel provide important clarifications on signals and regularly share the results of their work. CruptoLibrarys can also be used as a source of important news. Subscribing to the channel allows you to keep abreast of events.


One of the best cryptocurrency news sites in the world is Chainbroker. The news portal has established itself as unique and reliable, providing the latest news from the crypto industry. That’s why it’s the perfect platform for tech enthusiasts, crypto investors, and traders.

The information platform presents to your attention a popular telegram channel about cryptocurrency and investments, in which digital assets coexist with traditional financial instruments. The channel is dedicated to investment issues. The main focus is cryptocurrencies. At the same time, you can also find posts about traditional assets on the channel. Another direction of the site is the publication of data on the distribution of coins and other events, which moderators dilute with useful information inserts. For example, from the channel, you can learn why the Telegram cryptocurrency never appeared on the market and how the blockchain works.

The Chainbroker team explains common strategies for making money on investments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a simple and accessible way, as well as shares tips from experienced investors and tells funny stories from the world of digital assets. The channel may be of interest to investors who do not plan to work exclusively with digital assets. Those who want to receive trading tips and signals on cryptocurrencies should also pay attention to ChainBroker. You can subscribe to the Telegram channel by following the link.


Each of these news portals should be in the arsenal of a crypto enthusiast. Resources of this kind are used not only by beginners but also by experienced users, without them it is almost impossible to effectively interact with the crypto world. It is very important to monitor the dynamics of exchange rates in a timely manner, analyze the news background, choose the right commissions when sending funds, and choose high-quality exchanges and other platforms.


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