5 Apps Every Employer Must Install

As a business owner, you can find that managing your staff and ensuring they work at maximum productivity and efficiency can pose a pretty tricky task to navigate and understand. as an employer, the terms relating to the business lacking productivity affect the owner’s business. Various free business apps can significantly aid employers in rescuing their business and increasing productivity. 

We have listed the apps below for the convenience of all business owners. Most of the apps listed are best suited to be free apps for business. These are also the best apps for small business owners as they begin their entrepreneurial journey.


 You may ask yourself what apps are used in the workplace. It is among the ones you need. It is an application for the busy employer who often has various multiple programs running at a go. It enables the employer to assign tasks to specific team members, share the documents containing the information regarding the project, and even go further to allow the setting of milestones to be achieved as the project progresses. The application is accessible on various platforms but comes with a premium of about 20$ each month. This application is convenient for organizations that run multiple projects back to back. It helps maintain a record and keep track of individual projects to ensure they are completed to maximum perfection to please the final clients and promote the organization’s image.


 Maybe you are an old-school employer and keep all your organization’s schedules for employees the old fashion way in a big book containing all the details. Well, you are lucky since someone created this app to rescue you and help you become more organized and upgrade your system. Using this application, you can create schedules for your employees and send them in texts or e-mails. It also allows you to go through employee schedule suggestions and see if they can be established or not. It allows for interaction between employer and employee, giving employers a chance to view the opinions of their employees regarding schedules.


iCall is an application that allows the employee to record every phone call. It is, in other words, a call recorder application. A call recorder application is essential for an employer; at times, you might get tired and lose track of what issues you should tackle, as discussed with an employee over the phone. Recording calls will help you to refer to the recordings and remind yourself of what you had previously discussed. It is the reason why a call recorder app is essential. All you have to do is to download the call recording app that best conforms to your needs. For ios users, there is a call recorder app iPhone specially designed for your phone. The phone recorder iPhone is an excellent addition to your digital tools set. The application features premiums for additional features, but you only need the free trial zone since it can perform all the functions you require.

Timesheet Mobile

You may sometimes wonder what apps I need for my business. You no longer need to wonder anymore. Timesheet Mobile is an application that lets you track the time your employees spend working. Employees log into the application and key in their reporting time when they arrive at work. This application comes in handy when the employer is paying things like overtime for employees who put in extra working hours. It eases the task of calculating the values since the employer has all the details on his device. It also helps the employer to gauge the seriousness of the workforce. The application also keeps the workers in line regarding respecting working hours. It is an application that is a win-win for the employer and the workers. It is a digital tool that, as an employer, you must have in your arsenal of tools to use to manage your business.

Google Docs

You might find yourself pondering what are productivity apps. Google docs are your best answer to this question. It possesses qualities that make it a must-have application for business owners. It enables employers to share important documents among employees with ease. It makes the information available to multiple departments in the business. It has a feature that allows multiple users to edit a single document simultaneously. It also facilitates communication as they work on the paper. It can significantly help correct mistakes even when employees are not physically present at the office. In the long term, it helps employees build teamwork and always speak up when problems that the employees cannot tackle or have a problem tackling. It also gives employees access to their employer to consult him when unsure. It helps the employees get used to their employer and shake off the fear they might have been harboring. In the long run, this helps build the organization and promotes a good employer-employee relationship.

The applications listed above are just among the ones you need. The most vital one I recommend is icall since it greatly helps keep track of your phone calls. If you are the employer, you should get these applications to help you better manage your business and increase efficiency and productivity.


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