Online Planner for Julius Caesar

If Julius Caesar lived in our time, he would hardly be doing three things at the same time: “away from work in progress”, you know. And he certainly would not have kept all his heap of tasks on stickers and pieces of paper but would have used an online scheduler.

Many do not understand what a planner is and how it differs from a diary, which is just familiar to everyone. It would seem, write down your tasks for the day, so as not to forget, complete them – and that’s it. What else do you need? That’s just the difference between a simple diary and a planner is significant!

A planner is not an ordinary diary in which you can write down only current affairs. The planner is something more that can become not just a reminder, but a real helper! And now I will tell you what it is capable of, and give a few reasons why you should buy it.

Why do You Need a Planner?

If a person is simultaneously busy with several things, then a special daily planner will help him. It allows you to simplify the strategy for implementing the intended task by breaking the goal into small sub-items. With the help of the planner, it is easy to analyze the progress of the planned tasks, taking into account errors and failures. Time management experts recommend using this tool for the effective planning of any kind of activity.

The structure of any scheduler makes it easy to capture the following information:

  • schedule;
  • list of daily tasks;
  • long-term plans for the month, quarter, and year;
  • the sequence of solving the accumulated issues;
  • a list of books, series, and podcasts for reading and viewing;
  • replenishment of the wish list;
  • recording new ideas and interesting thoughts;
  • tracking the progress of any task – learning a foreign language, fitness classes, etc.;

The developers are trying to design the organizer in such a way that it serves as a source of inspiration.

For example, for fun and exciting note-taking, Bordio’s free daily planner online is color-coded to give you an instant overview of your schedule, help you distinguish repetitive from unique tasks, and understand which activities are taking up most of your time. You can easily set unique colors from an existing palette and assign them to just about everything from repetitive tasks like video calls with colleagues to special one-time tasks.

Bordio’s clean and beautiful interface allows you to plan a week in advance, and track your progress (see what you did yesterday and in previous days). The application is available on mobile and desktop devices and is a 100% free personal diary – you can use all our features without any restrictions.

Key Features of Bordio

  • Visibility and functionality. You can create new tasks and events in just 2 clicks.
  • There is a “Waiting List” option for tasks not yet scheduled, so you won’t forget anything.
  • The application allows you to set an estimated time for each task in order to estimate the workload.
  • Large tasks can be divided into multiple blocks of time on your calendar.
  • There is a large selection of unique colors for different activities.
  • You can set reminders for upcoming events and never miss an online call again
  • The program allows you to create projects and add tasks there.
  • View all planned activities across many projects and platforms on one board.
  • Import your events from Google Calendar.
  • Create recurring tasks and events.
  • Use drag and drop to move cards around and organize your to-do list.
  • Mark tasks and events as completed when you complete them.
  • Track your progress: see what you did yesterday and the previous days.

General Recommendations for Working with a Planner

The main rule is the regularity of entries, the systematic introduction of information into the organizer will give a tangible beneficial effect. Do not litter the planner with excessive detailing of questions, there is a danger of “burying” the essence of the planned task under a pile of verbal “garbage”.

It is required to choose a certain system of keeping records and strictly adhere to it. Motivating factor – each goal should have a clear time to complete. It is recommended to visually highlight already completed tasks, this helps to concentrate. Structured records and plans will help you successfully master time management skills.

How to Develop Self-discipline

Finally, here are some important tips for developing self-discipline, an incredibly important trait that needs to be nurtured and developed to improve every aspect of your life. With increased levels of self-discipline, you will be able to complete everyday tasks faster and better, as well as achieve big and long-term goals, just like with the Bordio planner. 

Here is what you need to do to achieve this goal.

Identify Your Weaknesses

First of all, you should determine what parts of your life you can improve. What aspects of your discipline are your biggest weaknesses:

  • Are you spending too much time on social media?
  • Do you often find it difficult to focus on tasks?
  • Do you find it difficult to say “no” to others?
  • Are you unable to prioritize and defend your boundaries?

Take a notebook and write down everything that bothers you. Be honest with yourself.

Find Out What Motivates You

Visualize everything that motivates you. You can draw, put stickers on, or even make a mood board out of photos. It doesn’t have to be too artistic or detailed, just write “family” or “my dreams” These visual notes will remind you every day of what drives you.

Minimize Distractions

In fact, you won’t be able to get rid of all the distractions or temptations that you have in your life. However, you can work on minimizing them and reducing their impact. During work, turn off notifications on your phone, block your social networks for a while, and do not be distracted by other things until you complete your task. Self-discipline means that you will work on distractions one at a time, rather than all at once.

Create Daily Goals and Plans

Daily goals help you achieve bigger goals. Plus, it’s a great way to become a more disciplined person. After setting goals, be sure to make a detailed plan for the day. Since you are truly committed to self-improvement, focus primarily on your daily plans. This will save you from temptations and distractions and in some way keep you on track.

The best way to put together this detailed daily plan is with Bordio’s hourly planner. And to keep your planner from being cluttered and well-visualized, use all its color advantages to separate categories.

Turn These Steps into Habits

The last, but still incredibly important step to improving self-discipline is to make habits from the above steps. Devoting a week or two to motivating yourself and making daily plans is great. But if you don’t put in the effort to make these actions permanent, they will never work.

Try focusing on your self-improvement goal for a whole month. And then at the beginning of each month evaluate the results of the previous month. Be honest with yourself. If you make an honest effort and focus on your self-discipline, you will continually improve it.


There are a lot of planners on the market today. It’s likely that Julius Caesar would have chosen one that has both a web version and an application that does not have to be downloaded to a PC and is available on both operating systems (macOS and Windows). And one that pleases the eye, allows you to work in private mode and in a team and has a smart notification system. And all this is Bordio!

We wish you order everywhere and in everything!


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