6 Websites Where You Can Earn Money as an Academic Paper Writer

Trust me, if you have academic writing skills, do not let them go to waste! Nowadays, many websites pay for creating essays and articles for students and educators. Whether you hold expertise in History, Science, Maths, Computer Programming, or Web development, you can find a suitable website, pitch in your articles, and get paid. Want to know how? Let me share 6 websites with you where you can earn money with academic research paper writing

#1 UX Booth 

This website runs on one motive and that is to make the web a better place. Its readers include beginners to intermediate user experience and interaction designers. So, if you hold expertise in UX design, you can contribute your articles to this website and earn money. The categories included on the website are business strategy, content strategy, interaction design, philosophy, research, universal design, and accessibility, etc. 

To get your articles published on this website make sure you write in the third person, research well, and write at least 1200-1800 words. You can earn up to $100 per article through PayPal. 

#2 Photoshop Tutorials 

If you are a photoshop genius and want to share your knowledge and hacks with beginners, start creating photoshop tutorials now! The website pays $50 for a quick-tip or $150-300 for a full tutorial! The tutorials categories range from basics of Photoshop to drawing, layouts, photo effects, photo retouching, special effects, and text effects. You can also submit an article on the website to educate other photoshop users and earn $25-50! They make payments through PayPal. 

#3 Smashing Magazine 

Here’s another writing opportunity for our tech experts. If you are good at web development and web designing, you can share your experiences on a recent project, or lessons learned, or things that worked and failed in a truly smashing article. The website publishes a variety of articles like tutorials, opinions, guides, and case studies. They have a pretty huge team of web developers and designers. So, it is likely that they will soon revert to your pitch. They accept most of the pitches and if you get lucky, you can earn up to $200 for your article. (They however do not disclose the rates publicly). 

#4 Back2College 

This website is essential for adults who are making a comeback in student life for pursuing professional development or an advanced degree. You can share your expertise in categories such as obtaining financial aid, on-campus and online education, finding the right program, graduate school, or attaining academic excellence (study skills and success strategies). They also accept articles on career management. 

Writing for this website might not include writing academic articles like term papers, dissertations, thesis, or providing the students with essay help. But, the niche is related to education and you can share your knowledge, expertise, and experience through this website. They pay $55+ for original feature articles or $27.50+ for reprints and derivatives. Payment is made through PayPal. 

#5 Code Tuts+ 

If you are a web development professional who knows PHP, Ruby, server-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, database systems, and other related technologies, you can make contributions to this website and earn good money. As the name of the website suggests, they expect you to write articles that would help teach others the technologies related to web development. You can also collaborate with other authors on the website and publish articles together. 

They pay at least USD 100 per quick tip tutorial and at least USD 250 per regular tutorial. They are also open to further discussion on payment rates if you are a high-profile author or educator. Basically, if you have the knowledge to share, they are going to pay you greatly! 

#6 Scribbr 

Many websites provide assignment help in Australia to school and college students. Scribbr is one such website that helps students in completing their academic writing tasks. Here, students can seek help in editing, reviewing, and proofreading their academic work. So, if your writing skills are top-notch, you can become a Scribbr editor and help students. 

They have a straightforward process of hiring editors. It begins with a language test that aims to determine if you can find the mistakes in a text. They also require your resume and a motivation letter. At last, they give you the assignment to test whether you will be able to work as an editor at Scribbr. If everything goes well, you are hired! 

The Bottom Line 

These were 6 websites that can pay you for academic writing tasks. But these are not the only ones. Hundreds of other websites can pay you for writing great essays, articles, term papers, thesis, etc. If you do not want to write hard-core academic content, you can find many websites that hire freelance writers. 

At last, I would leave you with just one tip. Before you pitch your article to any of the websites, study their guidelines carefully. Ensure that you are submitting a fresh topic or even if you are using a similar topic that has already been published on that website, you are bringing a different perspective. Edit and proofread your article before submitting and just keep on working on your writing skills.


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