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  • Updated on January 5, 2023
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Flowers symbolize love, spark joy and give hope. They are shown in the most diverse variations on wallpaper with flowers to beautify and liven up walls. Roses in soft pastel tones, poppies in deep red, gerberas in soft yellow, shimmering golden leaves – fascinating floral motifs from multi-faceted color worlds can appear dreamy, playful, classic, graceful, or beguiling. Wallpapers with flowers open up almost limitless freedom for creative wall designs.

In addition, lush forest landscapes and exotic plants bring a feeling of real nature into your home. In the flower category of Wall Art for fleece fabric, vinyl wallpaper, wallpaper, and textile wallpaper with floral designs that bring exhilarating freshness in your interiors. Set natural accents with floral wallpapers from well-known floral wallpaper designer, Wallmur, created a grandiose highlight with a photo wallpaper forest in bright green. Discover your dream wallpaper for the living room and dining room, bedroom, hall, office, kitchen, children’s room, or bathroom in the wallpaper shop at

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Wall Art with Floral Motifs – Never-Ending Beauties in Every Season

People have always associated vitality, growth, and renewal with flowers. This familiarity is also found on wall coverings that express the fascination of the flora in very different ways – as a colorful meadow of flowers, delicate calyxes, lush foliage, or autumn forest landscape. Wallpapers with flowers, plants, and tendrils symbolize the wealth of colors and species in nature, drive away monotonous everyday life and create exciting contrasts. Red roses shine powerfully in the color of love, orange gerberas are reminiscent of the sunset, white cherry blossom branches represent the beginning of spring. Picturesque floral motifs as wall art offer a wonderful opportunity to admire never-ending beauties every day in every season.

Non-woven wallpapers staged by star designer Wallmur with a sea of ​​flowers in green, pink and white give your living room or relaxation room a subtle elegance. Playful AS Creation wallpapers with flowers in soft gray tones reflect the authentic feeling of living in the country house style. Jan Davidsz de Heems art print on a flower power wallpaper with a flower still life releases happy emotions in the living room or home office out. Maybe you want to live completely between fresh green? Then create a breathtaking room ambiance with a large forest photo wallpaper. Romantic, graceful, lovely, or abstract, wallpapers with flowers and plant patterns reveal fine details in a wonderful natural spectacle. Experience worlds of flowers in blue, mint, turquoise, mauve, or scarlet red, which you can take with you to beautiful places. Let yourself be enchanted by floral wall art murals:

• Curved flower branches

• Colorful calyxes

• Filigree tendril and leaf motifs

• Evergreen Ferns & Grasses

• Tasty flowering bushes

• Amazing trees

• Impressive jungle and forest wallpapers

Magical Floral Wallpapers – Showcase Interiors in an Imaginative Way

For those who love wallpapers with flowers and forest scenes, it will be heavenly beautiful. Enchanting floral wallpapers in subtle and colorful designs set the scene from the kitchen to the bedroom to the entrance area in an imaginative way. Tropical leaves in various green hues or earthy nuances and strong splashes of color in yellow, blue, or red flower shapes refine the new trend wallpapers. The Asian flora shows floral motifs with filigree patterns in a restrained black and white look or pastel tones. So you can easily bring Japanese flair into your four walls. Do you have a soft spot for wallpapers with flowers in petrol? This popular color between blue and green forms the background on the floral wallpaper by Wallmur, on which delicate flower buds and graceful birds can be seen.

As a highlight on the wall and as a background for the individual furnishing style, wallpapers with flowers in their diversity express our desire for creativity. The trendy colors for floral textured wallpaper, satin wallpaper, or fleece fabric include natural and sand tones, smoke blue, emerald green, and warm reds. Do you want to immerse yourself in a real feeling of relaxation? Photo wallpaper with a forest is equally peaceful, majestic, and mysterious. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to wake up in a meadow-green or autumn-golden oasis in the morning? Forest wallpapers would look great in a room with white or gray walls. If you are looking for photo wallpapers with idyllic forest scenarios or modern wallpapers with flowers, we have an extensive repertoire ready for you.

Blossoms, Tendrils, Leaves, Twigs – Harmonious Living Environments with Floral Wallpaper Designs

Effective wallpapers with flowers in noble colors such as anthracite, mint green, or rosé increase living comfort in every area and radiate positive energies. In metallic colors with gold and silver effects, the flowery wall covering provides a touch of glamor. Artistic motifs by well-known designers, independent artists, and well-known brand manufacturers can not only be found on paintings but also adorn wallpapers with floral motifs. Whether in an old building, in a single apartment, or a chic bungalow – floral wallpaper designs with flowers, tendrils, leaves, and twigs or impressive natural scenes create harmonious living environments with optical and haptic wow experiences in every room.

Let yourself be inspired in the wall art theme world by all the wallpapers with flowers in many styles because every designer and every manufacturer has their own signature. Design living and dining areas, sleeping areas, kitchens, corridors, hallways, children’s rooms, workrooms, or bathrooms lovingly with floral wall coverings, which we offer you in a large selection of colors and materials at really good prices. Check out the floral motifs on high-quality luxury wallpapers, baroque wallpapers or retro wallpaper sat. Flower designs combined with exotic animals, jungle impressions, or geometric patterns are also represented in the Wallmur online shop. If you enjoy forest photo wallpapers in brilliant colors, it is an excellent idea to beautify your home or office with such a large mural.

Buy Wallpapers with Flowers and Forest Wallpapers of the Best Quality Online at Wallmur

The perfect interplay of furniture, carpets, home accessories, and wallpapers with blossoms and other floral patterns ensures that you feel comfortable in your living area. To ensure lasting enjoyment of living, the stylish wall art wallpaper collections with floral motifs always come from renowned designers and exclusive brands. The category wallpapers with flowers include a diverse selection of floral wall decors for every taste and every need. In the Wallmur wallpaper shop, we have sophisticated materials for special room conditions or different effects.

With us you can conveniently buy printed, colored or embossed wallpapers with flowers and beautiful forest wallpapers with a naturalistic flair in the best quality online – easy-to-use non-woven wallpapers, washable vinyl wallpapers, patterned paper wallpapers, or hard-wearing fiberglass wallpapers. Take a relaxed stroll through our store and adapt the floral design to your personality. Do you appreciate the beautiful and the extraordinary? Immerse yourself in the exotic flora with a forest photo wallpaper or enjoy the luxurious effect of a timelessly elegant design wallpaper with lush flower and leaf prints. You can also explore our complementary range such as wall tattoos, borders, and decorative panels. The dedicated Wall Art team will be happy to help you design your house or apartment as individually as you are.


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