Endpoint Protection With VMware Carbon – 5v0-91.20

There was a time when computers were networked only to the on-premises peers, servers, and clients. That was the best time for security professionals as they had to deal with internal threats only. All they have to do was to ensure that no unauthorized floppy disk could make its way to the floppy drive. The internet was considered forbidden to be connected to the enterprise network. Time changed and internet access was given to some users through parallel internet servers. The challenges for security professionals started increasing. By the end of the 90s, the dependency on the internet started to increase. Then after the year 2000, the real era of the internet started. Now it was not possible to keep enterprise networks isolated from the internet. That was the beginning of real security challenges for enterprises. There was a time when An Antivirus was the only weapon that a security administrator may need. Now the arsenal of a security professional is not only limited to multiple software but it has state-of-the-art expensive hardware as well. After entering into the cloud computing era, the job role of a security professional has evolved a lot. Now the role of a security professional can not be dealt with through a blanket job description. There is a huge number of specializations according to software and hardware product platforms as well as the job roles. Network Security is now a domain that comes under a bigger umbrella of Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity can be defined as the practices aimed at protecting the computing devices, mobile devices, IoT, data, and other components of networks, or in principle the network as a whole from external threats. Cybersecurity covers multiple aspects of security that may include but not limited to;

  • Network Security
  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Operational security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Cloud Security

We will only be elaborating on Network Security here

Network Security

Network security is the process and practice to ensure the security of a network and its components from unauthorized access from external sources. The Network Security practices are aimed to protect the functionality, integrity, and privacy of the network and data. Network security can consist of both hardware and software platforms. Common components of network security may include:

  • Antivirus and Antimalware Software
  • Application Security
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Email Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection And Prevention System
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Network Access Control
  • Network Segmentation
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • VPN
  • Web Security
  • Wireless Security

Endpoint Security

What is an Endpoint:

Any device that is at a physical endpoint at a node in a network is known as an endpoint. It can be a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, server, or virtual environment.

Endpoint Security:

The cybersecurity services meant to protect the endpoint of a network are known as endpoint security. The endpoint security services may include antivirus, email and web filtering, and firewalls. Endpoint security is very crucial for businesses, due to the internet and cloud connectivity it has become necessary to ensure the security of the individual network users to keep the networks safe. Endpoint security is often described as the front defense line in the cybersecurity sphere. 

VMware Carbon Black 

VMware Carbon Black is the complete endpoint protection product by  VMWare. Endpoint protection tools from VMware Carbon Black are available for both cloud and on-premise networks. Following is the detail of the VMWare Carbon Black series product-line offerings.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Products

  • VMware Carbon Black Cloud
  • Endpoint Standard
  • Enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Audit and Remediation
  • Managed Alert Monitoring and Triage 

VMware Carbon Black On-Premises Products

  • App Control
  • Endpoint Detection and Response

VMware Carbon Black EndPoint Protection 2021

Professionals that demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the VMware Carbon Black Portfolio are given the VMware Carbon Black EndPoint Protection 2021 (VMWCBP) specialized recognition badge.

Skills for VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Protection in 2021 Badge verifies a candidate’s product knowledge utilizing capabilities per the organization’s security standards and regulations.

The badge bearer exhibited a solid grasp of the Carbon Black Portfolio on a technical level. It’s a specific skill Badge that verifies a professional’s knowledge of the VMware Carbon Black product line. This badge may be earned by completing the VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills exam.

The Exam Number is 5V0-91.20 and it deals with VMWare Carbon Black Product. The language for the exam is English. The total duration of the exam is 150. The exam comprises 60 questions. The passing score for the exam is 300 which is on a scale of 100-500. The format of the exam is Single and Multiple Choice questions. The exam is proctored through an authorized test center. 

VMWare Exam Preparation

The Endpoint Protection With VMware Carbon – 5v0-91.20 is a product-based exam and requires relevant experience and specialized course content. Instructor-led training and official course for Endpoint Protection With VMware Carbon – 5v0-91.20 exam can be availed from VMware Learning. The self-paced learning study material can be obtained from Crack4Sure. The complete package of updated content for Endpoint Protection With VMware 5v0-91.20 exam is fully compliant with the latest VMware exam guide. Braindumps by Crack4Sure provides the complete course coverage of the 5v0-91.20 exam. Selecting the right training is a giant step toward sure success In the exam.

H2 – Conclusion

With internet connectivity becoming necessary for every user in the enterprise environment, the security challenges have seen multifold growth. Cyber threats are more fatal and frequent than before. Securing yourself from cyber attacks is necessary for an individual as well as a business. In the case of business, the sensitivity and privacy of business data are very critical from the organizational point of view. Protecting the end-users of network infrastructure from intrusions is known as endpoint security. VMware Carbon Black EndPoint Protection 2021 is a specialized credential for the professionals working with the VMWare Carbon Black product line. This single exam (5v0-91.20) credentials validates the mastery of a professional in VMWare Carbon Black EndPoint protection solutions.


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