5 Future Professions That You Can Learn by Distance Learning

  • Updated on February 25, 2021
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The professional world is subject to constant change, which is not least due to technological innovations. Above all, professions with low educational qualifications and largely recurring work processes are affected by these rationalization measures. According to forecasts, the occupations of cashier, accountant or secretary will hardly be found in a few years.

In contrast, the areas of IT security, maintenance, and environmental management are future-proof. Besides, completely new professions will emerge from this change and the exciting conventional subject’s quality will be skyrocketed, such as GSCE Biology tutor at StudyMind, click here for more information. As the possible job titles of “digital undertaker” or “vertical farmer” suggest, existing professions are combined with new impulses.

But one thing is certain: the higher your professional qualifications, the more promising your professional future will be. The flexibility to adapt to the labor market plays an essential role.

By choosing one of the following five distance learning courses, you will definitely find a sustainable job:

1. Distance Learning Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)

As an IT specialist, you belong to an industry whose specialists are in desperate demand not only within Switzerland but also internationally.

They know exactly what is important in connection with software maintenance, software development, and their planning. With your skills you can be employed in a wide variety of areas of a company, for example within system administration, IT projects, and even founding your own company.

If you decide to study computer science, you will always encounter new challenges in the course of technological progress.

2. Distance Learning to Bachelor Kindergarten / Lower School

The Bachelor’s degree in Kindergarten / Lower School addresses all those who are enthusiastic about working with people, especially children. The course aims to acquire all the necessary skills required to teach children between the ages of four and nine.

The high practical component of the course prepares you to take on the cultural diversity and individual requirements and to build on them appropriately. From kindergarten to 3rd grade, it is particularly important to inspire the little ones through playful learning.

As a teacher, you are guided by both pedagogical principles and age-appropriate teaching models.

With a successful bachelor’s degree in the area of ​​kindergarten / lower school, you will find sustainable locations in kindergartens and primary schools. In this area, you will also find attractive part-time offers.

3. Distance Learning “Management in Healthcare”

Are you enthusiastic about business management in combination with health? Then the “Healthcare Management” distance learning course can bring you a whole lot closer to this endeavor.

This course aims to keep the quality in the healthcare system stable on the one hand and to effectively save costs on the other. In the distance learning course, you will specifically get to know the areas of health, care, and quality management in detail.

This results in a wide range of possible locations, which are subject to a steadily increasing demand.

4. Distance Learning Care Management

As a manager in the constantly growing nursing sector, you will secure an indispensable job for yourself in the future. The “Nursing Management” course enables you to make economic decisions, to create responsible nursing concepts, and to evaluate nursing science findings.

These extensive competencies make you indispensable in a wide variety of care facilities.

5. Distance Learning Engineering with a Focus on Vehicle Technology

Hardly any other industry is subject to such a high level of technological influence as the automotive industry. The title of Bachelor of Engineering makes you a qualified specialist within this ultra-modern sector. The focus of the course is on teaching the basics of mechatronics, electronics, mechanical engineering, and information technology with a focus on vehicle technology.

With your well-founded background knowledge, you will be able to respond appropriately to innovations in the automotive industry.

The core topic of the course is to bring you closer to the basics of the structure and construction of vehicles.

The course is primarily aimed at people who have already completed a training course or have gained initial professional experience in the field of vehicle technology at the start of their studies, as previous knowledge makes it much easier to get started. Alternatively, you also have the option of taking this distance learning course as a career change.

With a completed correspondence course in engineering with a focus on vehicle technology, you are well prepared for work in a wide variety of professional fields within vehicle technology. For example, you have the prospect of becoming actively involved in research and development for automobile manufacturers. Small to medium-sized supplier companies, as well as engineering service offices, are also possible as promising locations. Authorities and research institutions as well as test and expert institutions also prove to be another important branch.

Within the vehicle technology industry, you will be enriched by developments in technological progress and will thus encounter a varied daily work routine.

A Lot Can be Learned

The implementation of the digital pact for schools and the following measures is just the beginning. The district is worried about the future financing of digitization, especially the technical support, the purchase of additional devices, and the equipping of the schools. “The municipalities must by no means be left alone. An overall strategy from the federal, state, and local authorities is required,” said the education minister. However, the summary of the topic is the essential requirement of the education sector is to grow and improve their overall impact on education during the challenging time of COVID-19 and continue the same technology with time in the future.


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