Top 5 Best Ways to Look Up a Cell Phone Number Online

Considering the amount of losses that people have incurred through scam calls, looking up numbers online is a necessity. You must learn more about suspicious phone numbers search before acting upon their requirements.

Any call with a sense of urgency, claiming freebies, lotteries, IRS, taxes and penalty must be known the source of. Without knowing the source of a call or a history of the caller, you can be ripped off your hard earned money. There are many online mobile trackers to find locations but to find cell phone number details keep reading.

To do the same, below are the ways in which you can look up a cell phone number online:

1. CocoFinder

As a phone number look up platform, CocoFinder has created its niche as the most trustworthy of the lot. It is not an application that you need to download on your phone or install software or leave trails. CocoFinder is simple and works in a web based fashion.

In addition to knowing who called you, there can be much more revelations about them. Wondering what all information can a phone number app give you? Below is just a small background of what all information you can attain from CocoFinder’s online web page:

  • You can know someone’s address 
  • You can know someone’s past or current criminal records
  • You can get a complete background information about an individual
  • You can get a history of their estate ownerships 
  • You can get an access to the public records of the individuals

Platforms like CocoFinder are not just phone number look up platforms, they serve a more concrete purpose. CocoFinder can help you find everything you want to know about a particular person. You can attain a lot of information about someone. 

While there are many competitors in the look up industry, CocoFinder is better than others in the below mentioned ways:

1. Protects you from phone scammers

Phone scamming has become a separate malefic area of its own. The scammers are more cautious, careful and dangerous than ever before. They know that most people use phone number detecting apps. These apps mostly work on old numbers reported as scam or spam. 

So, the scammers end up using relatively new numbers with no history about their conduct. More so, they end up buying premium subscriptions for these apps. When it comes to checking a number through CocoFinder, you will only get the real data and truth.

2. Data out of Vague information

In addition to finding a number’s owner, you can even extract reliable data out of vague information on CocoFinder. Even if you have just the name and location, last name and location, etc. of a person, you can reach whom you are looking for. 

While more information leads to more accurate results, less information can also lead you to desirable results.

3. Time Efficient

It is rather surprising that CocoFinder can help you in attaining results in minimal time. There is literally no waiting time and within record time, you can know the owner of a phone number. 

4. 100% Accurate Results

There can literally be no doubts about the accuracy of data that one gets to attain with CocoFinder. The webpage only has a reliable database and network that offers accurate results extracted from various public platforms.

5. Related Database

What do you do when you find out about the owner of a particular number and you don’t identify them? Well, your search at CocoFinder doesn’t have to stop at the number itself. You can find further information about the person. 

Once you recognize the name of a person through reverse phone lookup, you can look for people’s search data. The people search data will search the name extensively for you on all public platforms. You would know what you are looking for. 

You can see the complete background detail of the person under question, the history, criminal records, etc. You would know more about them than any social media platform cannot tell you. 

6. Reliable data through different search types

Yes, you can do a reverse phone lookup with CocoFinder but that’s not the only thing that you can do. You can check into someone’s criminal history, know what the ownership status of someone is and see their verified data.

Many States upload relevant public data on many platforms. As a user of CocoFinder, you can access these records, see the data of the caller and deduce the intention. It is much simpler than any other number detection app you have on your phone.

2. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is also used for looking up for a cell phone number online. The only downside with this platform is that it is not as comprehensive as CocoFinder. It somehow lacks the large database that can back its performance. 

3. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is also another alternative for looking up cell phone numbers of people. It is also used by people far and wide for searching multiple aspects of and about people. The platform has created a good enough name in the arena of people and number finding platforms.

4. SpyDialer

SpyDialer is good, but it has its own set of challenges. The relentless line of annoying ads acts as an impetus to divert people from their core purpose. So, in the line of ads of robot verification, it becomes impossible to focus on your core tasks. 

5. CheckPeople

CheckPeople is also popular in the arena of cell phone number detectors online. The drawback that this platform has is the extremely limited search base. There is not a 100% guarantee that your desired results will be fetched but it is still a desirable platform.


There is no way around to learn more about suspicious phone numbers search through a reliable platform. Any informed individual would act after knowing what they are getting into. While most scammers try to keep their record seem clean, the truth is reflected through platforms like CocoFinder only.

So, you can either fall prey to the havoc that an unknown call can create or be informed. Which way would you choose?


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