How to Take Your Hobby or Crafting Blog to the Next Level?

Crafting and hobby blogging is a great deal of fun. For most people, it remains a hobby in itself: sharing a passion with the wider world. You might have reached a point where you want to earn money from your blog, build a community around it or draw in extra traffic from the web. Here are some ways you can build towards those goals. 

Learn New Skills

The most important thing on your blog is – of course – the content. Don’t be afraid to branch off from your core creative processes. Learning new skills and helping people get started with new projects is far more interesting for your audience and far more fun for you. Keeping your existing visitors interested is important. Their word of mouth is crucial for building up your visitor base. 

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Collaboration with other bloggers always brings in new traffic. Collaboration allows you to share your fan base whilst receiving traffic from the fanbase of the person you are collaborating with. This is a form of ‘signal boosting’, and is a type of mutually beneficial promotion well suited to bloggers and creatives keen to create a network of supportive peers. 

Use Keywords

One easy way to draw more traffic to your blog is by using keywords. Keywords are the words a person is likely to put into their search engine if they want to find content. By using words in your post that are likely to be searched by interested parties, you can ensure that your blog will be found by the people most likely to be interested in it. 

Hunt for Traffic with a Local SEO Campaign

Getting a good amount of traffic can be pretty difficult. With so many crafting and hobby bloggers out there, it might be hard to actually find your work. You can always tip the scales a little bit by hiring a local Search Engine Optimization company. Search Engine Optimization companies work to get your site to the top of potential visitors’ Google search results – leading to more traffic for your blog. Say you wanted to attract traffic from Palm Beach. Hiring a palm beach SEO company is far better than going for one that is not familiar with the local area. A locally based company is best suited to target a specific area with a multi-pronged internet marketing campaign. 

Start a Community

A really good blogger doesn’t just think about themselves as a content creator. Instead, they are a facilitator for something larger than themselves. One of the greatest aspects of any good hobby is the community that springs up around it. As a crafting or hobby blogger, you are in a great position to nurture such a community. Many top bloggers regularly interact with their readers and have a fulfilling reciprocal relationship with them. Once you get a healthy-sized community around you, feel free to start a Facebook group or forum.


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