5 Helpful Tips in Organizing Your Small Bedroom

Our bedroom should be our safe place, space where we can rest and unwind without having to worry about anything. It is our comfort area. However, because of time limitations and sometimes, negligence, the tidiness of our room tends to be forgotten. Do you know that clutter steals your space, time, energy, and even money? Not only that, but it also affects our sleep, anxiety levels, mental and emotional state, and our ability to focus which makes us less productive which leads to more things left unfinished. We have to know that our environment contributes greatly to our overall well-being.

Whatever is the size of your bedroom space, clutter and disorganization happens. Even small bedrooms deal with such problems because, with a smaller space, it is harder to figure out where to put some of our stuff. The space constraints make organization challenging, but that can be helped with the right tips! If you are dealing with this, you are in the right place. Your bedroom needs a little change here and there, and you do not have to spend much. We have to be a little more creative in setting up our small bedroom.

1. Make Use OF Bedroom Organizers And Storage

Sometimes having a cabinet alone is not enough, especially if you have so much stuff. With just a cabinet or only one storage area, people would most likely pile their things there. For an organized room, everything must be in order in every corner, in and out, visible or not. Using storage containers or boxes and organizers is very helpful because your things will have their place in your room. With them, you will know where to put and where to find your stuff whenever you need them. For smaller objects, use small storage, and for bigger ones, use a bigger container. And when located in the right area, they are not going to take much space. You can maximize the space by putting the ones you do not usually get under your bed, inside your closet, or at the top of your cabinet.

If you are on a tight budget or don’t feel like spending on storage containers and organizers, you can always improvise with the ones you have at home. There are also a lot of DIY small bedroom storage ideas that you can see online!

In storing your stuff to their storage, go through them and declutter the ones you think you do not need any longer. Sort the ones you will be keeping and put them in each storage neatly. You can label them too so it will be easier for you to find them in the future. Instead of throwing out the unused ones, you can sell or donate them.

2. Live Like A Minimalist

With a small bedroom space, there is no need for too much furniture. The lesser and smaller the furniture, the better. Try to be minimal as much as possible and only have the essential ones. Our bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but it must also be functional and easy to move around. You wouldn’t want your room to look and feel cramped. Some furniture can have dual or even multi-purposes, so make use of them. You will see how much bedroom size you will gain by taking the minimalist approach. Surely a game-changer!

3. Keep Your Drawer Clear

When you have less furniture and small bedroom space, we intentionally or subconsciously pile random objects like our keys, wallet, watch jewelry, and more, on our nightstand or the drawer beside our bed. To minimize the clutter, you can organize them by having small containers in the drawer for such small items. And as much as possible, limit the amount of stuff on it. You can have a lamp, tissue, and an alarm clock. Make it a habit to tidy it up every once in a while, like before sleeping and after waking up. A clear bedside space keeps a clear mind because that is what we see first as we start and end our day.

4. Utilize Your Walls

The walls in the bedroom are not only for picture frames and windows. Maximize the space of your bedroom by hanging some of your things on the wall, or opt for open shelving. You will be surprised by how much stuff you can hang and how shelves on walls are helpful. They not only add attractiveness and flavor to the room, but they also are very functional at times. With open shelves, you do not have to put everything that it can handle on it. You can place some books and magazines you are currently reading or a few sentimental objects you want to display. Anything that you need frequently that you want to be within your reach, shelves also help you see and find something easily. Also, adding best trending wallpaper can improve the holistic aesthetic of your room.

5. Declutter Your Stuff Constantly

Now that you have cleared the bedroom and maximized the space, it is important to maintain its order and cleanliness. With a small bedroom, the mess is inevitable if we keep the practice of not putting things back in order, especially since new stuff keeps coming. Set a routine and clean your room regularly. Make organizing a habit and constantly clear unnecessary things and garbage. Weekly cleaning is a good idea if you do not have much time but it is nice to at least put things back where they belong every time. 


A small bedroom can still be the ideal bedroom we wish we have. With a few upgrades and shifts here and there, you will find your space to be a lot brighter and clearer. The most important key to a nice bedroom is to make cleaning and organizing a habit. Whenever you are keeping your stuff in order, know that you are also saving yourself a lot of time and effort. Let your resting and comfort place be a space that will relax and heal you.


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