SSC CGL Vs MBA/CAT: Logical Analyses of Which One Is Better?

Cutthroat competition is going on and that is why most students get confused about what exam they should give or in what field, they should go to, and so on. Talking about the few prominent fields where most students get confused, it is SSC, MBA, or CAT. Experts say that you should always take career-oriented decisions, being full of patience, and considering different practical things. Here, we are going to focus on it so that you could have a better idea about it. 

CAT Helps to Get Admission While SSC Goes for Recruitment – 

Most students get confused about whether they should go for CAT or SSC. Talking about the prominent difference is that CAT does not make you get recruited on any post. On the other hand, SSC makes you get hired for a job. It means if you are supposed to have a job quickly then you should go for the SSC exam. All you need to make sure that if you meet the SSC CGL eligibility criteria or not.

On the other hand, clearing the CAT exam will make you have a seat in a school. When school introduces the vacancy, then you can apply and have to perform well to get hired there. To put in simple words, it can be said that aspirants have to analyze which job type they want to go as per their interest and skills. 

SSC is Quite Easy to Crack in Comparison of MBA or CAT –

Is it true? Yes, it is indeed. CAT is a bit tough in comparison to SSC. The reason most students prepare for SSC is so that they could have job security, monthly income, safety, etc. Apart from it, anybody can go ahead to do SSC job preparation. You can crack this exam even while studying at home and taking help online. The best thing is that you may also prepare the SSC CGL previous year’s papers. On the other hand, MBA is also a bit tricky since you need to be highly focused on something specific.  

SSC Gives Much Needed Job Security While MBA Can Not – 

Generally, students also get confused about which job profile would be worthy to go ahead. Should they go with SSC or MBA? Here, it needs to mention that SSC gives you assurance regarding financial independence indeed. It means once you are hired, you know that you will not be thrown out at all. It will be a government job coming up with financial independence. 

You will be having a monthly salary indeed. On the other hand, an MBA cannot bring that assurance to you at all. The corporate world keeps changing time-to-time. It means the ratio of job security also goes down. Moreover, competition is quite hard there. If you are mentally prepared to handle that sort of mental pressure then you may go ahead otherwise you should not. 

MBA is Good to Choose If It is About Salary Oriented Point of View Only – 

If you have a prominent focus on the monthly amount then you may go with an MBA job. Businesses want to hire skilled candidates loaded with MBA Degrees. However, to get a high paid MBA job, you need to get this degree from a distinguished institute. 

If you are not having a degree from a reputed institute then it could be a bit tricky for you. On the other hand, SSC can introduce you to a permanent job where you will be having less competition indeed. You would not have to put in much effort to stay in the competition. Moreover, you will be enjoying a monthly in your account. 

To Have an Excellent Job Security – 

In case you are so conscious about job security, you need to go with SSC. It is a government job and you will be having ideal job security there. If you want job security in your career then it is indeed worth going. 

Job security is all introducing you to the peace of mind that you would not lose your job irrespective of how the market goes and works. 

In the Last – 

Therefore, you need to weigh different factors before making the right decision indeed. Do not get confused at all. You just need to be a bit calculated while considering all these factors. It is time to take the right decision since it is all about your career and life indeed.


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