Best Smart and Helpful Kitchen Appliances

With countless house chores and errands to run, preparing perfectly cooked and delicious meals along with easily managing your kitchen sounds kind of closer to the imagination. The integration of technology with traditional appliances has developed voice-controlled and phone-synced products, so you can make everything from barista-style coffee to well-done juicy steaks. Most of them pair with apps that let you customize cooking time, adjust temperatures, and more. For those who prefer traditional kitchen tools, a Miyabi knife may be of great use. Although it tells us that these extremely sharp knives help minimize cutting and chopping time, the smart and helpful kitchen and home appliances we will cover in this article are no less in saving you extra time and help you multitask.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

It’s so frustrating when your morning coffee or tea gets cold by the time you have to sip it. Nobody has a few seconds to spare in the morning when you’re already running late for work. That’s when one of the smart kitchen appliances Amazon has to offer, helps. This smart mug helps you control the temperature of your drink from its app and it will make sure it’s your desired level of temperature to make your mornings hassle-free.

Meat Thermometer

How often do you keep checking on the meat in progress just to find out at the end that it’s either overcooked or undercooked? Well, this smart kitchen appliance comes to the rescue and with an app that helps you set the temperature of your choice and save cooking presets for your favorite recipes so you don’t have to go through the hassle all over again. It has a wireless range of 200 feet that notifies you with an alarm when the meat of your preference is done. The thermometer features an LCD and the probes can be left inside in the oven without any worries.

Smart Fridge

Smart fridges are equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to set expiration dates for your food so that it never goes to waste and to plan a meal based on the ingredients stored in your fridge. And, of course, they can connect to your smartphone, so you can also share photos, calendars, upcoming events, and important notes on the screen. Some even have an intelligent voice assistant allowing you to control the fridge from the other side of the room.

Vacuum Sealer

If you’re one of those who likes to prep their meals during the weekend to save time and effort on the weekdays, this is the best bet for you. It preserves both solid and moist food and keeps them fresh five times longer than the zipper, baggies, and containers. It features a simple intuitive design with soft-touch buttons and LED lights to opt for one of the two sealing modes: dry mode and moist mode.

Voice-Activated Coffee Maker

How great would it be if coffee waits for you in the morning than you waiting for the coffee? Thanks to this small kitchen appliance that allows you to set Alexa Routines to make your scrumptious coffee right when you wake up. Obviously, you can also tell Alexa to brew your coffee on spot. It also allows you to set the brew strength according to your liking. This coffee maker is easy to operate and maintain for your convenience.


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