Lightest and Fastest Emulator to Play Garena Free Fire on PC

  • Updated on May 14, 2021
  • Gaming

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Perhaps the most popular Battle Royale game out there, it combines both DM, TDM game modes while giving players the ability to switch to the open battlefield. They are pitted against hundreds of other players in the largest Battle Royale map available on the map. Looking at the game’s success, it’s clear that the developers have had many plays in it. With constant seasonal updates, events, challenges, tweaks, optimizations, and new features being added, the game has still not lost its charm.

With the introduction of the new recent Cobra Update, the game has taken some inspiration from Apex Legends and has thus implemented tons of mechanics found in the game. The new Revival Point and Revival Card System let players bring their teammates back from the dead. In contrast, the much-needed new gadgets increase the number of campers you can spot at any given point, increasing the match’s pace by a substantial amount.

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With the new Ranked Season recently introduced, the game has spiked in popularity, especially with the E-Sports scene soaring to new heights. Currently, you can expect more than a million concurrent players to be playing the game at any given point. Therefore, getting to the top of the leaderboards is quite difficult. Unless and until you play at the top of your game on an Android Emulator. 

There are several Emulators that you can try out for Garena Free Fire. However, the fastest and arguably the best Android emulator for optimization, features, and general stability is LDPlayer. 

LDPlayer Features for Garena Free Fire:

  • LDPlayer is one of the oldest and most popular emulators out there. Therefore, it has dedicated support for most games, including Garena Free Fire. Currently, the Emulator supports numerous features exclusive to Garena Free Fire, such as dedicated key binds and unique optimization options that ensure increased frame rates and stable pings.
  • Battle Royales like Garena Free Fire are known for their flashy plays. Thankfully, LDPlayer allows you to take screenshots and record your gameplay videos with no impact on performance whatsoever. Moreover, you can share these clips on Social Media and YouTube in unprecedented quality and fidelity.
  • The Emulator has support for Multi Instancing, which lets you create and use multiple accounts simultaneously. In Garena Free Fire, you can create multiple accounts for Ranked matches, and if you are a high-ranked player can use a Smurf account to play with your friends. 
  • Garena Free Fire is all about precise movements and orchestrated actions. With Macros’ help, which lets you record certain movements and then has a key bind execute them effortlessly. So, you can use macros to pre-aim certain walls, areas and use gadgets in a much more intricate manner without having to worry about you missing a skill shot or timing your casts wrong any time soon.
  • LDPlayer lets you play Garena Free Fire at any resolution you please, which lets you see more of the map at one time. Moreover, you can also adjust your key binds according to what suits you and have complete control over all the game settings alongside the Emulator. So, you can cater your experience according to what makes you feel most comfortable.

How to Download Garena Free Fire on PC For Free?

Currently, the game is available for free on LDPlayer. You can download it through any of the three App Stores. Here are all the steps you need to follow to download Free Fire on PC:

  • Download the latest version of LDPlayer Android Emulator
  • Register or Sign In on your Google Play Store account and download Garena Free Fire
  • Let the game install and open it. The Emulator will automatically detect the game for you and optimize it accordingly while also providing you with dedicated key binds and features.

You can also download the game through the integrated browser in the Emulator and install the game’s APK file or just drag and drop the APK from your Computer’s File Explorer to the Emulator for easy automatic installation.


With consequent updates, Garena Free Fire has turned into the Battle Royale’s powerhouse and shows no sign of stopping. Most professional and high-ranked players have chosen emulators like LDPlayer to take their skills to the next level. With unique features, stable gameplay, and generally improved net-code, you do get an inherent advantage against players using their mobile phones.

Therefore, to rank up fast and get the best experience possible on Garena Free Fire, downloading LDPlayer and using all of its features to your advantage is the way to go.


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