The 8 Best True Person Search Sites in 2023

The internet is nothing but a massive database that is full of petabytes of information about people. All kinds of information exist, but legal and security systems ensure that confidential information remains private and unknowable. However, basic information like names, ages, employment histories, criminal histories, etc., are all matters of public record. You can use good people finding tools to look up to someone. Here are the best methods in 2023.

This is a free and famous people searching platform that you can use to track down the name, find cell phone numbers, employment histories, etc. It comes with a cool “Possible Associates” feature that you can use to find out people who may be related to the person you’re looking for. If you are looking for someone in the US, this is probably the best tool you can use.

With the help of this platform, you can make a largely accurate true person search. You can also make background checks, find contact information and look up a whole lot of other relevant info as well. This is one of the best platforms that you can use because it is 100% free, and the information is sourced using legal avenues only.

One of the best ways of conducting background checks about a person is to take an in-depth look at their social media usage and behavior. PeekYou is a reliable platform that takes a deep dive into social media history by scouring all kinds of platforms – from Pinterest to Instagram. As all the data is collected from social media sites, it can contain many inaccuracies.

Just like True People Search, this is an online platform that you can use to look up all kinds of background info about people. Even though this website only collates information that can be found on public domain websites, the information is mainly accurate and is also dependable. If you are looking up for someone in the US and Canada, this is one of the best choices.

Pipl People Search

Pipl is a comprehensive person search engine that does a deep dive into all kinds of websites and public domain sites to find information. By examining “atypical” sites, Pipl can provide users with a lot of useful and interesting information. It can be used to scrape together phone numbers, street addresses, email information, possible associates, etc. The results that it provides are high-quality.

Public record search engines are also a fantastic way to look up information that is listed in the public record. These include criminal history, marriage, and divorce information, driving record, sexual predator checks, etc. This is one of the best public record search engines out there, and you can use it to look up all kinds of info. However, its services are billed on a recurring subscription basis.

The official site of the United States government is also a fantastic repository of all info that is a matter of public record. You can find all kinds of information on this website – even though it is a rather difficult place to navigate. All that you need to do is search by keyword phrase and all the info that’s publicly listed will be provided for you to download.


Despite providing only paid services, Intelius is one of the most trusted names in the realm of fact and person finding. This platform will provide you with concise, informational, and affordable reports on individuals and their property. This is a public record search engine that can also make a reverse phone search. They have a ‘per report’ payment policy, which sets them apart from the competition.

Summing Up The Choices

This has been a comprehensive list of the best websites that you can use to look up individuals and their public record information in the US. If you’re looking to make background checks on prospective employees or partners, then these websites are the best choices for you. You can also Find article about background checking services Try only to use information that is a matter of public record so you can stay within the law.


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