How to Keep Your Email and Everyday Organized

  • Updated on August 23, 2021
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Keeping an organized email can sometimes be a struggle because they are constantly checking in. A messy email could be damaging because you miss important emails about work, your investments, or your trading business.

Luckily, there is a way out of the mess, and it does not include creating a new email. You can, with a few simple steps, get a clean and organized email, so you’ll never miss an important email again!

Keep Track of Your Calendar and Your Business

The best part about turning almost all daily activities and chores digital is that you can keep it all in one place, without it getting lost. It is super useful to operate with an email system that connects to your calendar. This allows you to put plans, meetings, and lunch dates directly from your email to your desktop or app calendar. This will make it easier never to miss an important meeting!

In a busy everyday life, it’s so important to keep track of your business. A lot of information is given and received per email, and that’s why it’s essential to keep your inbox organized. If you have correspondences with customers, your bank, and business partners you cannot miss an important email. Also, if you have stocks or you’re doing important forex trading, then it could be very serious to miss an email. The market of online forex trading is ever-changing, so you need to be updated all the time, or you could potentially lose a lot of money. An organized email will minimize the risk of this happening.

Keep It All in One Place

A pro tip is to keep all your emails in the same place, if possible. Let’s say you have three or four separate emails, one for work, one for school, and one for private email. Some email providers, like Outlook, lets you have all your email in one place. You can even sync G mail to Outlook! You can use the internet version, or have an app installed on your desktop. 

An app makes it especially easy because you can always see the notifications without having to search it up in your browser. When you are operating in an app with more than one email, then you have to be extra careful to send mails from the right email address. 

Clean Up Your Inbox

The most common way to miss plans or important emails is by keeping your inbox filled with spam emails. We have all signed up to a newsletter or a website, to get a discount for example and we are still struggling with constant update emails years later. Find a day where you’re dedicating some time to clean up your email. Delete everything that is not important, but every meeting or plan into your calendar, and unsubscribe to any newsletter you do not need, and stop spam emails. This will be so freeing. 

Try these tips for yourself and notice how much of a difference they will make in your everyday life!


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