Lighting in the Garage with Moon Flare Solar Wall Lights

  • Updated on November 3, 2022
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Lighting in the garage is important for several reasons. The garage serves different purposes and it makes sense to have lighting inside and outside. The outdoor lighting is used to increase security or to illuminate the driveway. You often need good, functional lighting inside, as the garage usually does not receive any natural light.

However, just because it’s a garage doesn’t mean the lighting has to be bad or inadequate. The garage still serves as a functional and important part of any home. Therefore, the lighting can be chic and decorative. We recommend you to check out the collection of solar wall lights and buy a suitable one from here. 

Garage Lighting for Outside

The right lighting around the garage is the key to greater security. At the same time, you and your guests should find their way around in the dark. It makes sense to install wall lights with motion detectors so that the lights switch on automatically when motion is detected. This ensures security and is useful if you want to unlock the garage as well.

The range of sensor lights for outdoor use helps turn the garage into a decorative place. For example, use the Tin Maxi sensor light that lights up and down. It’s stylish and practical.

Lighting in the Garage

The interior of a garage often looks boring and there is often a lack of natural daylight. The type of lighting you need depends on how you use your garage. Depending on whether you use the garage as a storage location, workshop, or hobby room, the lighting must be done accordingly.

On the other hand, if you want to be a bit more creative with your lighting, you can also use a floating lamp and put it on your desk. A floating lamp like Gravita – Smart Floating Lamp from Floately is a great way to add a unique yet effective lighting at your home or any places you want. It is touch-activated with multi-charging options and also comes with Bluetooth audio. Having that said, you can imagine how cool would it look to have a lamp hanging in the air without any support. This is basically called the levitation technology.

With lights for the garage, you always have to pay attention to the IP protection class of the light, as a garage can often be dusty and damp.

Good Ceiling Lights

When planning lighting, always start with an overhead lighting as this type of lighting is critical anywhere in the house. We recommend using good general lighting as the primary light source in the garage. Ceiling lights that have a wide beam angle are suitable for this so that the entire garage is illuminated. We also recommend the Oakland model, as several of them can be put together and thus continuous lighting can be created on the ceiling. Recessed spots and flat ceiling lights in the garage are also suitable.

Lighting the Shelves

If you use the garage for storage, the installation of LED strips on or behind the compartments of the shelves can be useful. This allows for a visually appealing appearance and is useful when looking for something in the garage.

Additional Work Lighting

If you use your garage as a hobby room or workshop, you should provide additional lighting, for example in the form of table or wall lights. Here we highlight the Arki table lamp, which offers good light on the tabletop and at the same time casts the light where you need it. Arki can also be mounted on the wall or on the edge of the table, which allows many uses.

If you need even more powerful work lighting, then go for the large Deco line ceiling light. Deco line has a higher light surface than the table or wall lights, therefore a practical solution.

Hence, the way you use your garage will have an impact on the type of lighting. So take the time to plan what works best for your needs.


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