Top 4 Meme Marketing Strategies for Your Brand on Social Media Platforms

If you think that marketing is just about creating various advertisements to promote the business, you’re wrong. Brands from every corner of the world focus on boosting their engagement rate. Over the years, brands have found a new marketing strategy to promote their business and that is a meme marketing strategy. 

A successful meme marketing strategy is where you can leverage funny, relevant, entertaining, shareable and, extremely meaningful content. This is the best way to market your product to audiences. meme maker will help you create stunning and funny memes and will be really helpful with your meme marketing.

Memes are more effective than just making people laugh. Brands have started considering memes as a medium to spread their brand awareness funnily. In other words, meme marketing is one of the best combinations of content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 meme marketing strategies for your brand on social media platforms.

Know Your Audiences

This might feel like one of the oldest parts of any marketing strategies but it’s very important for meme marketing. Memes are all about building and strengthening the relationship between situation, brand, and most important, audience. 

If you neglect following this triangle, your audiences won’t be interested in your memes. You need to make sure that your meme is relatable to the majority of your audiences. Additionally, if you’re creating an industrial-based meme while targeting a general audience, your meme won’t be appreciated at all. Instead, using the same meme in industrial-based content marketing will become popular overnight. 

Keep it Simple for Everyone

Remember that you’re not discussing a business plan or writing a promotional letter to a high-budget client. So, make sure that your memes are simple to understand. You are targeting people who like your brand and somewhat aware of the content you upload. Do not make your meme over-complicated otherwise, only a few people will be able to understand it. 

Remember that just because you understand dark or hidden meaning memes, doesn’t mean that everyone will accept those types of memes. Many brands create so many dark memes that they end up damaging their meme marketing strategy. If you want to promote your business on social media platforms using memes, make sure they are simple and straightforward. 

Use Viral Trends

One of the best things about meme marketing is that you’ll always be surrounded by viral trends. In the world of memes, every 4 out of 10 memes go viral. However, remember that only funny and meaningful memes have a higher chance of becoming viral. Additionally, using viral meme trends for your content is one of the best meme marketing strategies as they will help you to achieve success quickly. 

Although you might not be able to create successful memes from the beginning, when you visit Meme Scout and practice a lot, you can easily create a loyal audience base. 

Showcase Your Originality

Once you take your first step in the meme-making industry, you would undoubtedly develop a sense of memer after some time. During that time, you can practice creating original content for your social media marketing. As per Business 2 Community, make sure your meme is original. 

Apart from that, creating original content will also allow you to work the trend in your favor. Rather than adding a logo and business image, search for something that will represent your brand and audience. 


These are the 4 meme marketing strategies you need to remember for your brand on social media platforms. Instead of facing backlash, the effectiveness of meme marketing strategies will expand gradually. Hence, implementing it with your content marketing and social media marketing will help you to grow your brand on social media platforms.


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