How can Indian Mobile Manufacturers Compete with Global Smartphone Makers?

  • Updated on August 23, 2021
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It is not up to debate that almost all the Indian smartphone brands have been completely overshadowed in the Indian smartphone market. More recently, few brands of Indian origin such as Micromax have benefitted from initiatives like the Make in India campaign. However, they are still nowhere close to competing with popular international brands. So how can they bridge the gap in the coming years? Here are some things Indian mobile manufacturers can do to compete with the global juggernauts.  

1.  More Manufacturing Plants

India is a huge market for all smartphone manufacturers. India currently has more than half a billion smartphone users. That said, the market is still nowhere close to being saturated. Every year, the number of smartphone users keeps increasing, and it is likely to cross one billion over the next 4-5 years. In this scenario, the Indian smartphone manufacturers need to maximize their chances of taking over the market. And the first step towards achieving that goal is to establish more manufacturing plants. 

One of the most popular smartphone brands, Apple has hundreds of manufacturing facilities spread across different countries. On the flip side, some of the Indian brands only have a couple of units located in the country. Lava, an Indian smartphone brand only has 3 facilities across the country. In a country with such immense potential, this is in no way sufficient to cater to all the consumers. So, the first step should be to establish more manufacturing plants and create more means to produce smartphones.

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2.  Timely Hardware and Software Updates

Thanks to the internet, all smartphone users are extremely well-informed about the nitty-gritty of smartphones. Therefore, customers make calculated decisions when it comes to choosing a new phone. So, if an Indian smartphone brand offers sub-par models, it is quite likely that a non-Indian brand will be chosen over it. 

For instance, Micromax was one of the earliest Indian mobile manufacturers to start offering smartphones in India. However, it failed to keep up with the times. Neither did the phones feature specifications comparable to their contemporaries, nor did the brand manage to provide software updates on time. In a very short period, Micromax was overtaken by the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi. Hence, Indian smartphone brands need to keep up with the times and offer regular updates. If they manage to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their phones and deliver it to the users, they will start becoming relevant again.

3. Focus on What the Market Wants

It is important to design phones following the demand of the market. This is what most successful brands can do. This can be explained with a simple example.

An important aspect that governs the smartphone market today is the smartphone camera. Be it the rear camera set-up or the front camera, people give a lot of importance to it. Capitalizing on this, international brands focus majorly on their phone cameras. Additionally, because of the selfie-obsessed young generation, Vivo launched multiple phones that featured better selfie cameras than rear cameras. As people started using phones as their go-to tool to capture images, companies started relying on AI-based technology to help capture better pictures.

This is what the Indian smartphone brands also need to offer. They must focus on the market patterns and demands.

4. Better Products at Lower Prices

One of the biggest reasons why companies like Xiaomi were successful is because of the smart pricing of their products. Xiaomi did so without compromising on the quality of its smartphones. This helped the brand win over a major section of the Indian smartphone market that was looking for budget phones. Indian smartphone companies also need to take this approach in order to capture greater market share. They need to make affordable smartphones and equip them with powerful features. This can be done by incorporating new-age technology, and by making smarter business moves.

5. Smarter Advertisements

Advertisements definitely make a lot of difference. A lot of global brands invest significant amounts into advertising their products smartly. Indian brands need to do the same. Coming up with different methods to advertise that is relatable to the youth of the country is also essential. This could definitely help the Indian smartphone brands reach new audiences and truly grow in the country.

If you’re searching for Indian mobiles, you can find a wide range of models in the market. In 2020, Micromax made a comeback with the Micromax In Note 1 smartphone. This device is sleek and stylish and sports a 6.67-inch bezel-less display. It also runs on Android v.10 OS and has security features like a fingerprint sensor that truly make it modern. Moreover, it is the best mobile under 20000 offered by an Indian brand.

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