Ways to Improve Home Safety

  • Updated on August 25, 2021
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There are many ways to turn your home into the complete safe zone you require it to be. Like commercial buildings hire security guards, install surveillance cameras around the premises and place metal detectors at entrances, there are other ways for domestic households to beef up their security.

Home security can include anything from placing wired fences, to alarm systems and cameras. Security alarm systems are great at alerting you, as well as the local police in your area to a potential intruder – but it comes at a slightly pricey monthly cost. That is why the American population of a certain income bracket does not opt for that option. 

However, we have picked 3 Smart Home devices, affordable yet quite brilliant at what they’re made for, that are perfect to use as security gadgets in your home. Smart devices have been up and coming and can be found in many households across the country. There’s a whole range of smart kitchen appliances, to smart fixtures like smart lights and thermostats, and so much more.

Improving Home Safety Using Smart Devices

1. Smart Smoke Detectors

First alert smoke detectors are essential for any household. They warn of potential smoke or fires, and carbon monoxide leaks that can otherwise go unnoticed leading to severe consequences in the end. Smart Smoke Detectors are a level-up from the standard smoke detector that we tend to install. Here’s the difference. 

Smart smoke detectors are usually available in two options, wired and with battery. The battery ones, considering they are wireless, can easily be installed by ourselves; meanwhile, wired ones may require professional assistance with installation. Setting up the devices is the easy part – much like all Smart Home Devices, these too come with their own mobile application that is downloadable onto smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With this, you can get real-time alerts to your mobile devices the second the Smart Smoke Detector detects any danger, and it can also pinpoint the specific location within the premises to make it easier for you to figure out. 

2. Smart Cameras

Better than the standard surveillance cameras, Smart Cameras are perfect to install indoors as well as outdoors. They are weather-resistant, meaning no rainfall, no dust storm can tamper with the camera. Indoor Smart Cams are usually similar looking to the external webcams that existed back in the day before laptops came with their own built-in cameras. It’s easier to place these cameras literally anywhere within the household – on a shelf, on the kitchen counter, even anywhere discreet.

Here’s the part that makes these Smart Cameras smart. These devices have their own mobile application that allows you to set up the device from the app. Get live video streaming straight from the app on your phones or laptops, so you can watch over your home from literally anywhere – in the car, the office, the grocery store, even a whole other city. Smart cameras, well most of them, include multiple features like motion detection, night vision, facial recognition, and real-time alerts. They also sport two-way audio for easy communication from both ends of the camera. 

Now, is that something a normal surveillance camera can do?

3. Smart Door Locks

Tamperproof and sophisticated are the words to describe Smart Door Locks. Unlock your front door with a passcode or just by moving closer to the door – depending on the features of the Smart Door Lock. 

These devices also have their own mobile applications that allow you to control and lock/unlock your door from anywhere, at any time. Smart Door Locks also use phone location to automatically lock themselves in the case when you’re not at home, and sometimes even do so a few seconds after the door closes behind you, whether you’re coming home or heading out. 

In a Nutshell

Smart Home Devices can be used for home safety purposes, especially the three mentioned above. Ranging between $50 to $200, they are a great one-time investment anybody can make for their home and for their safety. The greatest feature of all three is the remote access and control, allowing you to keep an eye on your home, your family from afar, whether it is from work, or while on vacation across the country. Invest in a smart device today, and make your home safer for years to come.


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