Creativity and Expression – 5 Mind-Blowing Uses of Technology You Need to Know

  • Updated on June 1, 2022
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Technological advancements are taking over this world as quickly as a flash. If you come to think about it, our whole world revolves around technology. The first and last thing nearly everyone does in a day is to check their mobile phones. Even during the rest of the day, people are busy with google, emails, phone calls, messages, and social media. However, smartphones are just a small part of the big picture. Certain technological advancements will blow your mind. 

Creativity in technology has become the latest focus for many developers. They are trying to come up with innovative ways to present arts and science on a digital platform. There are already several examples of technology’s and arts’ correlation, like the living light designed by David Benjamin. But it does not mean that real art is dying. Art is still the very gist of human expression. But remember, art is provocative. You will only see and feel what the artist intends to show you. These technological advancements bring new meanings to art. Something you wouldn’t have thought about earlier. Some might even argue that technology has the potential to add more life to art. 

Since technology has become a significant part, there is much focus given to it in the education sector. Demand for degrees in technology-based fields is at an all-time high. For instance, Digital media degrees, in particular, have caught a lot of people’s attention. More universities have started offering courses in digital media at undergraduate and graduate levels. 

However, technological advancements aren’t only about art; there are also other technology developments whose uses will leave you surprised. Below, we will discuss some staggering advances in technology in different areas.

1. The Magic of Sea Waves Merged with Sound Waves:

Matt Robert’s Waves’ art piece is a classic example of an art and technology breakthrough. Recordings from real-time data from an ocean buoy are used and transformed into sound waves. The sound waves lead to water shaking in a bowl, which creates different patterns of waves. These patterns get recorded and projected over a wall, which changes with each wave’s alteration. Such a form of art is called video performance art. 

2. Technology Has Allowed the Recreation of Historical Artifacts:

Many ancient statues and artifacts have been destroyed or lost due to multiple issues such as wars, violence, and bombings. However, thanks to technology, you can now recreate those very same historical artifacts digitally. There is software that allows you to piece together all the destroyed items and reconstruct them. For instance, through a technique called photogrammetry, you can now combine pictures from different angles and recreate the thing digitally. These items can be either ancient statues, monuments, or some historic equipment. 

3. Body Sensors (Wearable Tech):

As mentioned above, technology has shown its power in multiple areas, including healthcare. Body sensors now have a wide range of distinct parameters. They can measure calories, the number of steps, body temperature, distance, sleep patterns, and sleep quality. Even your exposure to the sun, biomechanical data, and rate of ascent/descent can be measured using these sensors. Such advancements have caused a vast decrease in healthcare costs. They have also added to the economy’s life expectancy rate and transformed medical research to a great extent.  

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has probably been the most significant breakthrough in technology recently. However, AI might not sound like a new tech trend because it has been in talks for years, but it has partially come into action only recently. 

Artificial Intelligence is concerned with building machines capable of human intelligence. From helping doctors in healthcare to coming up with effective inventory strategies, AI has the power to revolutionize business activities. AI helps in making decisions quicker and takes risks a human might be incapable of handling. But the most significant advantage of AI is that it reduces the chances of human error to a large extent. Various algorithms make decisions that increase the accuracy cap.

There is still a long road ahead for AI, even though the advancements it has already bought are way beyond a layman’s thinking capability. 

5. Cloud Computing:

There is no doubt that the innovations AI has brought about are off the charts, but one shortcoming is that it is expensive. An average person cannot afford to use AI even for simple data storage purposes. Cloud computing is a cheaper and efficient alternative for this. It allows you to store large amounts of data from the internet without functional user requirements and without having you spend a fortune. It is also an easy, well-thought-out software that doesn’t require many technicalities.  


Technology has transformed the way of conducting business activities in nearly all industries. By implementing cutting-edge technology, you give your business a chance to gain a competitive advantage over others. Technology doesn’t only help your business stay at the top of its game but also makes it more efficient and effective. 

Whether it’s information technology, arts, AI, automation, or geotargeting technology has set the bar way too high for any human to compete with it. Suppose you are interested in choosing technology as your career-path; the above-given uses of technologies are a must for you to know.



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