Best Tips to Effectively Use Lloyd AC In Your Home

  • Updated on June 29, 2021
  • Tech

According to a study published by Edelweiss Research, Lloyd is the fourth largest AC brand in the country. It owns over 10% of the market, at least as of the last normal year, that is 2019. In fact, the brand is so confident of its popularity that in September 2020, it also entered the refrigerator segment. 

Given that one in every 10 air-conditioned homes prefers buying a Lloyd AC according to the Edelweiss Research figures, we thought it might be useful to offer Lloyd AC users a few tips on how to effectively use their air-conditioner models.

1. Default Mode Works Best for Dry Weather 

Cool mode or the default mode is well programmed to deal with the average Indian weather, and therefore, according to user comments on forums, it is the best option for most users who live in Indian cities that have low humidity. 

2. Dry Mode for Humid Locations 

Cities along the coast like Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, and Trivandrum (to name a few) are famous for their high humidity. Users in these cities had best set their ACs to dry mode to keep humidity at bay during the insufferable summers. 

3. Fan Mode for Dusty Cities (or rooms) 

Some cities are very hot and dusty; for instance, some cities near deserts in Rajasthan and Gujarat. AC users in these cities should take a page out of the Middle Easterners’ book and use their AC in fan mode. This can help clear up the air to a great extent. People with dust allergies in urban areas might also want to try this method every now and then when a certain room is giving them a bad case of sneezing. 

4. Double Whammy 

Some cities, like Delhi for instance, have extremely hot summers and very cold winters. Lloyd AC users in these cities will be delighted to note that they can set their ACs to heat mode. The AC can thus heat up spaces during the winter while keeping them cool in the summer. 

5. During Monsoon Season

The southern part of the country experiences four months of rain after three months of summer, and for many, June to September is actually more unpleasant than the summer months. This is largely due to unpredictable weather. It will be extremely hot one moment and then pouring (but much cooler) the next. If this sounds familiar, go for your Lloyd AC’s Auto Mode. Especially when you are sleeping (and perhaps also when you need to focus on other things), you do not want to be disturbed by sudden discomfort because your AC and the outside temperature are on different pages. 

6. Optimum Temperature 

To keep electricity consumption and electricity bills at a minimum, set your AC temperature at 25 degrees Celsius. Admittedly, this might be a little bit of a challenge during the peak summer months in hot cities, where people want to stick their heads in the fridge after returning from the outside. 

7. Clean Your AC at Regular Intervals 

Your Lloyd AC comes with a Self-Clean feature that effectively removes dust, bacteria, and any fungus from your AC. Users should optimize their AC’s effectiveness and life by using this feature at regular intervals. This is literally one-push cleaning, at the click of a button. It doesn’t get easier than this. 

Additionally, the AC is built such that only one engineer is required for any cleaning or servicing. If you feel savvy enough to remove the panels and clean the AC in-house, you might actually succeed, given the thoughtful construction. 

You also need to clean the outdoor unit of all ACs every now and then, as dust, bird droppings, and leaves might accumulate on it. All you need to do is switch off the AC and then hose down the outdoor unit. You may also want to use a coil cleaner, or hire an AC technician to do so. The coil cleaner needs to be sprayed on the outdoor unit. No need to get alarmed when it begins foaming and starts to become one with the dirt. That’s how it works. Thereafter, hose the whole unit down once again and you’re done! 

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