Ways of Starting Chiropractic Online

Given the rise of technology and smartphones, usage comes with the emergence of telemedicine. Telemedicine is a way to conduct medical care remotely. However, what does this mean for physical medicine practices such as chiropractic? Although it seems far-fetched, chiropractors can not only provide chiropractors online but even profit more through telemedicine. If you’re interested in starting your chiropractic practice online, then this article is for you. For more information on marketing and growing your Chiropractic practice online, click here

Why Make Your Chiropractic Practice Available Online

During a time where it is difficult to have face-to-face appointments, telemedicine or making medical care available online presents an opportunity for patients to access health professionals remotely. Now more than ever when one’s health is a priority, attending to people’s medical needs is essential. This includes “physical” health professions such as chiropractics. Telemedicine or telehealth makes it possible for people to receive professional care at the comfort of their own homes. Providing medical care online promotes safety for both the patient and health professional by lessening exposure.

How to Start Your Online Chiropractic Practice

Before anything, it is important to remember that telemedicine is not meant to replace in-person treatment but enhance it. It allows patients to receive medical care when they are unable to leave their homes. Not only does it advance better patient turn-out for appointments, but also it promotes productivity in service. Starting chiropractics online can be intimidating, but it is possible. Here are some ways to start chiropractics online:

1. Choose Your Online Medical Care Platform

You must choose an appropriate platform to conduct your online chiropractic practice. This platform, whether it be through a website or app, must have the following features:

  • Streamlined communication channels for the patient and healthcare professional (e.g. SMS, live chat, voice call, or video call)
  • Scheduling for making appointments
  • Trackers for monitoring patient health and progress
  • Notifications to remind of upcoming doctor’s appointments, follow-ups, or taking of medicine
  • Secure payment scheme
  • Analytics to evaluate the performance

The platform you choose also needs to comply with privacy laws and ethical standards. 

2. Figure Out What Your Practice Can Offer 

How can chiropractors do their practice online? Although chiropractors usually need physical contact with their patients to perform adjustments, chiropractors can still offer their practice remotely. These include the following:

  • Evaluation and Diagnosis

Patients can communicate the symptoms they’re experiencing to chiropractors. From there, chiropractors are able to assess their current condition and formulate a plan of action or treatment.

  • Patient Monitoring for Treatment 

Chiropractors can follow-up with patients to keep them accountable for their treatment plans. This promotes continued care between the patient and healthcare provider. 

  • At-Home Pain Management Methods

Chiropractors can offer movements, sleeping positions, and other exercises that patients can do at home for pain relief.

3. Market Your Online Chiropractic Practice.

Marketing plays an important role in driving in patients for chiropractors. Some ways to market chiropractors are through videos, infographics, and blog posts. Click here to find out other digital marketing solutions for chiropractors.


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