How to Make True Your New Year’s Resolution

January is about to end, how many of your wishes came true or at least close to coming true? Each year, several people tend to raft their resolutions for the new year in a bid to make changes in their lives. Some people bank on health and fitness, while others focus on finances and personal and professional development. Some promise to themselves to keep to their diet, others – not to ask internet services “please do my homework for me”. Some want to travel the world, while others – explore their own country (or stay home forever, which isn’t hard to perform because of total lockdown).

Well, if you are among the many people who want to make their new year’s resolution this particular year, look no further and follow the steps below. 

1. Get Prepared for Change Mentally

It is not easy to change habits that have been there for a while. For you to go through this process effectively, make sure to seep through it and get ready for the change that is about to happen. You can start by having an inventory for yourself. Look back at your past year’s achievements and accomplishments. Have some celebratory moods since they are critical. When you feel a bit challenged, reflect on your achievements, and get over them. Remember to stay positive, make gradual changes, develop smaller challenges, and give some room for making errors. It’s not easy to implement big changes into your life, so errors on the way are part of the process and shouldn’t scare you.

2. Tend to Set Motivating Goals

Many people make the mistake of setting goals that do not fit them. The aims could be forcefully shoved in them by a parent, teacher, or peers. It is not advisable to drown in someone else’s shadow to satisfy their ego or needs. If you lack the same passion and motivation that they see you can pull through, you will have a small window for achieving your goals. Be sure to have resolutions that are important to you. Defend your wishes! You will also need to see to it that they will give you the benefit you need. Have a checklist of your aspirations, goals, dreams, and priorities. Also, it is advised to track your time for better outcomes.

3. Make Manageable Resolutions

Many people make the mistake of having way too many resolutions that are hard to achieve. You cannot do 50 things at a go. If you have several goals to meet, there are chances that you will barely be proud of yourself once the year kicks in. you should have a list of resolutions that you deem achievable in the coming year. The trick is prioritizing your goals. So, planning is key to this. You can use some prioritizing techniques and periodically review your list. Are you satisfied with the progress? Do you really want all of it? Are you sure there are things you can do in a year? You can’t go to the Moon in 365 days (but you can try). It’s better to transform some of the very big goals into smaller ones to feel satisfied at the end of the year.

4. Get Specific

  • There is always a rush when it comes to setting resolutions for the new year. Many people tend to set substandard goals, resulting in them getting left along the way. A way to make sure your aims are great is to get SMART. In essence, it stands for;
  • Specific – specify the resolution as vividly as you can. Instead of writing being healthy, you can as well write about quitting smoking or drinking. That pinpoints the area of focus and will get easy to have a follow-through.
  • Measurable – have a measure of your resolution whenever you can. You can say you want to lose 10% of your mass or receive a certain amount of money at your work.
  • Attainable – set goals that you can achieve in your space. Let them get challenging but make sure they are achievable. You can’t be the Japanese emperor, but you can become the president of your country one day.
  • Relevant – get relevant to your goals and priorities. Make sure they motivate you and that you have an interest in them. You desperately needed a red toy car when you were ten, but you are no longer interested in it in your thirties. Goals you’ve set a year before can make no sense today. Don’t aim to achieve everything you’ve once written in your notebook. You are free to cross it out or even tear the page off.
  • Time-sensitive – set a time-frame in which you would wish to acquire or achieve your goals. It will make sure you are dedicated at all times to reach a specific goal you are eyeing. Set deadlines to keep the pace up and control your progress. It’s a little ridiculous to decorate the Christmas tree after Christmas, isn’t it?

We are sure you can reach your goals!


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