Research-Based Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Emails were the first ways to contact your customers or target audience online. And nowadays, if you take a look at your inbox, you will find many emails. Everyone gets them. But not everyone reads them. When you see your inbox packed with many newsletters, you select the ones you read. So, marketers need to craft compelling emails that stand out from the crowd. 

Email marketing is a nice and more personal way to keep in touch with your audience. However, many marketers choose to cram their emails with tables, sheets, and entire articles. And these are just a few of the mistakes that are still done today and that make email marketing less effective. Nowadays’ attention span is of a few seconds, so you have little time to catch the attention of the reader. But how can you do this? Here are seven research-based ways to improve your email marketing campaign. 

1. Find Out More About Your Target Audience 

You need to know the people you send those emails to. Not to meet them face to face, but other demographic details that could help you send emails that catch their attention. Many brands choose to target their whole audience with their email marketing campaign, even though not all would be interested. For example, targeting both women and men when the campaign is about dresses. Find out more about your target audience to know what it is interested in. For this, you might need to hire a professional to conduct research or find a research paper for sale online. They can help you identify key details about your target audience, such as their needs, expectations, favorite products, and so on. 

2. Dynamic Content 

Gone are the days when people had time to read entire blocks of text in an email. Nowadays, people juggle between tasks, rush everywhere they go, and their time is limited. It has become increasingly challenging to catch their attention and maintain it. So, instead of sending huge blocks of text, aim to make the information you want to send dynamic. 

Include pictures, graphics, and even infographics. Videos and gifs could be added as well. To have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to deliver dynamic content that catches the attention of the target audience. Some people might be willing to share their preferences if you send them personalized content, so you should know from that research what your target audience likes. 

3. Mobile-Friendly Emails 

People spend less time than before in front of their laptops. Smartphones have become so performant that they can be your laptop when you are on the go. The majority of people are reading their emails when they have some spare time and many do this on their mobiles. It is essential to make sure your email marketing campaign is mobile-friendly. If your target audience can’t read your email from their smartphones, they won’t return to it later when they open their laptops. 

4. Keep It Short and Simple 

Besides making your content dynamic, you need to keep it short and simple. Do not overshare a lot of information in an attempt to catch the attention of your target audience. Instead, encourage them to read more by visiting your website. And catch their attention by building powerful and inciting headlines that stand out from the crowd of emails. Keeping it short, simple, and concise is the recipe for success. 

5. Personal Approach 

It’s already known that our inboxes cram up with tons of emails. Have you ever asked yourself how you decide which one to open? Besides the power of the subject line, the sender is also important. People love a personal approach, love seeing you care about them, their needs, and expectations. And in a cold world where many brands still do not have a strategy to become more personal to their customers, people appreciate a genuine and personal approach. Replace that “no-reply” sender with a real person. Why not you?

6. Include a Call-to-Action 

You have this email marketing campaign with a goal. You want to achieve something. Maybe increase the number of followers on your social media accounts. Maybe generate organic traffic on your website. There are many goals an email marketing campaign can have and you surely know yours. This is why it’s important to include a call to action in your emails. Encourage your target audience to do something. 

7. Craft a Compelling Subject Line 

Last but not least, how you craft your subject line is essential. It is one of the two elements that catch the attention of the reader before opening the email (the other one is the sender). So, keep it short and simple because if the text is too long, it can’t be entirely read if the email is not opened. At the same time, make it interesting and intriguing. 

Ending Note 

These are seven research-based ways to improve your email marketing campaign. It is important to pay attention even to the smallest details so that the campaign will be successful. Find out more about your target audience through surveys and research, segment your list, and send dynamic content. Make it mobile-friendly and include a powerful and clear call to action. 

Bio lines: Helen Birk is a creative writer passionate about marketing. She has worked on email marketing campaigns for many brands. Helen wants to fund her own marketing company.


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