Top 3 Ways to Boost Local SEO Immediately

Brisbane is one of the major economic hubs in Australia. As a global city, Queensland’s capital is recognized as one of the cities in Asia-Pacific with the highest GDPs. Its strongest industries include banking, mining, real estate, food, and information technology. The city also has a very competitive retail market, with major shopping centers placed all over the CBD like the Queens Plaza, MacArthur Central, and Wintergreen. 

Because of the tough competition in the local economy, small businesses must do everything they can to generate more customers and stand out against their rivals. One of the most efficient techniques to do this is to enhance their online presence by getting SEO Brisbane services in Brisbane. The best SEO agency will focus on improving the company’s local SEO to ensure that it will capture the target market’s attention. 

If you run a small business in Brisbane and plan to boost your local SEO strategies, here are some of the ways that a reliable SEO firm can do to help you achieve your goals.  

1: Establish A Google My Business Account

Most SEO service providers in Brisbane believe that optimizing the Google listing is the most efficient way to have a higher ranking on Google Maps. It will also help your business have stronger visibility in the local Google search results. 

Your business can only access your Business Profile to enjoy these optimizations by having a Google My Business account linked to the profile. After providing all the necessary information in the Google My Business account, it will be included in your Business Profile that will appear in the local results of the Google Search. Your information will also appear in Google Maps and the Google Search Knowledge Panel. 

2: Optimize Website for Voice Search

Due to the fast growth of the voice search trend, local SEO needs to keep up and optimize the websites to make it easier for the audience to find your site after sending a voice query through their devices. Most of the time, the audience uses more long-tail keywords when sending voice searches. It means you need to modify the SEO of your content to match the conversational tone of the user. 

It is also necessary to think about the user content for voice optimization. Users expect useful and fast answers. If the potential audience uses voice search to inquire about your store’s operational hours, the answer must be instantly available all the time. 

3: Develop Content Based on Local Events or Stories 

Local SEO strategies require you to create content that directly relates or speaks to the local customers to catch their attention. It means the blog posts must focus on local activities or news stories. 

You may also create videos featuring local charities that you support. It will also help if you ask your SEO agency to set up location-based webpages on your company’s website. It must contain high-quality content with local themes if you operate in different parts of Brisbane.  

Bonus Tip: Go Mobile 

Like voice search, the popularity of mobile searches also significantly increased over the years because of the prevalence of smartphones. Studies claim that the shift to mobile searches from desktops occurred faster than projected. You must keep up with the trend by ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly for your users’ benefit. This will instantly increase traffic on your blog or website.

Running a business in Brisbane can be tough, especially if you have plenty of competition. Make sure that you work with a reputable SEO firm in the city to help you with your local SEO. 


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