How Tech Can Advance Your Career

Career advancement is high on many people’s priority list in 2021 because the coronavirus pandemic has stalled many people’s careers. When you are looking to advance your career, technology can present you with many opportunities that you would be hard-pressed to find without it and can help you to advance in your career no matter what rung of the ladder you are on. Whether you are just starting or have been working in your industry for many years, here are the top ways in which technology can help you to advance your career in more ways than one:

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Data Engineering

Data Engineering is a critical element of any website. Without a data engineer, there can be no proper implementation of any website or application. A data engineer helps the development team by providing inputs on the progress of the website or application and makes use of the available tools for improving the site. With the development of Data Engineering, many IT Product teams have realized the value of having a data quality expert on their side. The data quality team tracks and oversees all the data quality activities carried out by the product teams. The scope of data engineering can be further broadened by taking up a data engineer online course to get in-depth knowledge in order create advanced systems that help in efficient web deployment

Educational Opportunities

When you are looking to advance your career, most people will head straight online to apply for new jobs and to conduct research. However, technology can also allow you to make progress in a more concrete direction by taking the educational opportunities that it offers to you. This is usually in the form of online degrees and certificates, as well as more casual online courses. For instance, rather than having to return to school to advance your career, technology can now allow you to take advantage of educational opportunities from anywhere in the world. For example, rather than simply trying to hone your skillset yourself in professions like engineering, online programs can be used to get the certificates that you need and to develop the holistic leadership skills that are required. Then, you should follow the link to find out more about what it takes to become one of the best engineering managers and how Kettering Global can help you to do this. 

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Technology allows you to take these degrees from anywhere in the world as most institutions that offer this kind of certificate offer an online portal through which individuals can access lectures and resources and on which they can send off their assignments for assessment. Not only this but to prevent students from feeling isolated, many institutions open forums where you can connect with lecturers and even other students on your course if you would like help or discussion. What’s more, although you may believe that these courses are not taken seriously, this is not the case anymore, and most employers welcome those who have taken online programs. 

Digital Networking

As well as achieving the qualifications that you need to succeed in your chosen career path, technology can also help to advance your career through digital networking opportunities. For instance, there is now an assortment of ways that you can connect with other professionals online, such as digital networking groups and events, as well as online forums. These can help you to advance your career by allowing you to connect with other professionals who may remember you when it comes to finding someone that is perfect for an available position in the future. Not only this, but digital networking events are also often paired with valuable talks and conferences with experts who will be able to share their knowledge with you and allow you to streamline your skills. You can then utilize this knowledge and put it into practice when you return to work.

To network online effectively, you should avoid simply messaging professionals to ask for a favor and should instead focus on building up a worthwhile connection with the person in question. You should also try to personalize your communication with them rather than simply writing the same message to them that you would write to anyone. However, you should also make sure that you are never too shy to ask for what you want and to get yourself out there and make the initial point of contact in the first place. 

Social media can also be used to advance your career as professionals can follow your account. Then, you may be able to attract attention to your expertise by gathering a large number of followers or by broadcasting your knowledge online. You may also be able to contact and form relationships with other professionals using this platform. However, you must make sure that your account is set to public to do this, as this will allow everyone to see what you are posting and your activity online. 

Career Software and Apps

There is an over-abundance of apps and software on the market now, which can be downloaded onto your phone or your laptop. The fact that there is an app for everything can work to your advantage, though, and there are many career-friendly software applications that you can use when you are looking to move up the ladder. For instance, careers advice tools such as PathSource can be your go-to app when you are looking for information on the next steps to take in your career, and this app also has interviews from professionals who are already working within the roles that you are aiming for. You should also consider downloading a job interview app that can help you to secure the job of your dreams once you send off your resume and can prevent you from falling short of the job requirements at a later stage of the recruitment process. 

These apps are in addition to other software, such as job search apps and skills apps, which are more traditionally used by those looking to advance their careers and to find meaningful opportunities that will propel them into the jobs of their dreams. 

Industry Research

Although you might use your laptop to research every single working day, many people forget that there is also an abundance of information that can help you with your career online. When you are looking to get promoted or to get a position of more responsibility, it is vital that you understand your industry and what will be expected of you, as well as ensure that you have the knowledge that is required for this new role. You could even research the company that you are planning to work for. Conducting industry research can help you to do this as it can allow you to keep on top of many of the new trends within your industry as well as any discoveries that are being made. This is particularly important in industries such as healthcare, engineering, and science, although professions such as teaching may be able to benefit from this research by finding out new teaching techniques. This can help you to stand out amongst your competition and to see what other people within your industry are doing to make a success of their careers. 

Better Productivity

However, in many cases, when you are looking to advance your career, you will need to prove to others that you are ready to leap into a position of more responsibility. This is especially important if you are looking to get a promotion. However, as well as working hard and staying dedicated, tech tools can also help you to advance your career. This is because software such as productivity applications can enable you to stay on track of your tasks and to meet all of your deadlines, as well as to make better use of your time. You should also consider installing organization apps that can help to prevent you from losing sight of your to-do list and the most important tasks that you need to do, and consider downloading a calendar application that can stop you from ever accidentally missing or forgetting about a meeting again. These apps can also be useful when you are job-hunting to make sure that you send off your application by certain deadlines. 

Digital Training

Although this is usually provided by an employer or by an external company, technology can also help you to get the training that you need. A lot of training now utilizes technology to make it more effective and to allow you to train from the comfort of your living room. For instance, there are many training courses you can go on now that use VR and AR simulation to give you a realistic and immersive experience that can prepare you for the real world of work and the tasks that you will have to perform in your new position. Not only this, but many companies have developed software that can help you to hone your skills and to be ready for everything that a job role might throw at you. 

Overcoming Coronavirus

COVID-19 has prevented many people from being able to progress in their careers over the last year because it has stopped people from meeting in person. However, now firms are starting to recruit again, and technology can help you to overcome the barriers that coronavirus has presented. For instance, you might be able to stage an interview using video conferencing software, or you might be able to workshop with other professionals on platforms such as Zoom, where large groups can easily connect. Then, the lack of connectivity opportunities in 2021 can be easily overridden by using technology, opening you up for too many more career advancement possibilities.


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