Guidelines: How to Write an Essay in One Hour

Essay writing is one of the most stressful academic aspects students have to face. The only thing that makes it worse is having to write it in under an hour. The short deadline has students worried, and they waste half the time wondering how and where to begin.

The thought of writing a long essay from research to submission takes time and effort and that’s what makes students buy essay. Students are not professional writers, so they find it challenging to complete such a task. Many students will hire writing services and agencies to help them to overcome this challenge. However, if you want to take up this challenge yourself, the following tips will surely help you. 

1. Knowing What the Professor Expects

Due to the time limit, many students will work in haste and not understand the assignment. At this stage, you need to take a deep breath and read the instructions. You can compose a paper in 60-minutes, but you will not get a grade if you do not write what the professor requires. So before you begin, you need to understand the topic and the type of paper you have to write. 

When you have to write a paper, you need to decide what to write regarding the topic. For example, if the requirement is to write a history essay about the main World War 2 events, you can write about the three significant events during the war or their consequences. However, if you write a paper about World War 2 in general, you will lose marks.

If this seems too much for you to do, you can always hire a writer. Writing services like can write an essay for cheap. The service is reliable, so you know you will get even more than your money’s worth with high-quality paper.

2. Schedule and Time Management

Writing an academic assignment takes time, so what to do when you do not have time? The answer is time management. All you need to do is create a schedule and stick to it. Before you know it, you will be done with some time to spare. A sample schedule is as follows to help you better understand how to manage time;

  • Set up – 5 minutes,
  • Understand the topic and research – 15 minutes,
  • Outline – 5 minutes,
  • First draft – 15 minutes, 
  • Proofreading – 5 minutes,
  • Editing into the final draft – 10 minutes,
  • Submission – 5 minutes.

If you break down the 60-minutes into smaller tasks, you will be more motivated to achieve them. The thought of crafting an essay more quickly than the usual time is daunting, but creating an outline in 5-minutes is not. With the sample, ample time has been allocated to every task, with 5 minutes left for submission. 

3. Creating the Perfect Outline

You can ask any professional writer how to write an essay in an hour, and they will give you the same answer. It is to create an outline. An outline acts as a step-by-step guide on how to structure an essay. It will help you accurately write information in chronological order and prevent any repetition of information.

Without an outline, you risk having facts randomly distributed in the document where they lose impact or are not logical. Furthermore, your assignment will have a natural flow with an outline and is more understandable for the reader. The following outline is a generic sample that you can use for any essay;

  • Introduction,
    • Background,
    • Thesis Statement,
  • Body,
    • Paragraph 1 (main statement and explanation),
    • Paragraph 2 (main statement and explanation),
    • Paragraph 3 (main statement and explanation),
  • Conclusion,
    • Summary.

4. Have the Right Environment

If you want to craft a high-quality paper in a limited time, you need to be away from distractions. When wondering how to write a research paper fast, you may prefer to write in a quiet place. It is very challenging to gather your thoughts in a loud space or talk with other people. The library or your room is the best place to start writing. You can turn off your notifications and divert all your attention to your assignment.

When you sit down to begin the essay, you can gather everything you need beforehand. So, you will not have to get up every time you need a pen or paper. Also, get yourself a water bottle or juice and a small snack too. Staying hydrated is essential when working under the stress of composing a graded paper in one hour.

5. The Structure of the Essay

The standard structure of an essay includes three parts and five paragraphs. The first part is the introduction. The introduction should not exceed more than 70 to 75 words. This part will briefly discuss the topic’s background and end the paragraph with a thesis statement. This statement identifies the central theme of the paper.

The second part is the body and consists of three paragraphs. It is helpful to start each paragraph with its central theme. After the theme, you can explain it. Each paragraph should consist of 80 – 130 words. 

The last paragraph is the conclusion. It brings the entire storyline of the paper to an end. It is best to avoid introducing any new ideas in this paragraph. You will briefly summarize the most important aspects of the paper. Similar to the introduction, it should be limited to 75 words. No one wants to read a lengthy summary of the paper after reading the long paper. You can get a service to rewrite paper online free for you and read how they changed the conclusion to help your concept. 

6. Proofreading and the Final Edit

The first draft is never perfect. You have to proofread it to find grammatical or spelling errors. Although With a few minutes left, you are stressed and can overlook minor issues. So, you can ask a friend to proofread it for you.  It will also help you get a fresh perspective, and you edit it to improve it.

If the essay has required research, then make sure you note down the sources and correctly reference them in the end. This is your final edit, complete and ready for submission.
If you are among the few students who love a challenge, then writing an essay in one hour is perfect for you. Although it is not the most straightforward task, you will do it quickly and efficiently with these tips. All your peers will wonder just how you did it.


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