Step by Step Guide on How to Boost Skills in Essay Writing

One thing that students fear the most is lengthy essays. Why? The reason is simple. They don’t have the skills and right approach towards such writing tasks. To make it easier for you, we are here with a step-by-step guide that will boost your skills beyond your imagination.

Read a lot

If you want to improve essay writing skills, the crux is reading. Whoever you think writes well will always tell you to start reading if you’re going to master written tasks. A good writer must always be a good reader. If you think you will have to stick to one type of book or novel, then you’re wrong. You can go through anything that interests you. It can be science fiction, supernatural stories, classical tales, literature reviews, or even blogs. 

It is not a surprise to anyone that people mimic to learn. A toddler follows everything that adults do to learn and develop behaviors. The same goes for adults, and once you start, you will try to incorporate the same vocabulary and writing styles in everything you do.

You might want to gather knowledge about writing styles; if it is a report, then newspaper articles can help you a lot. Go over magazine columns to understand how to approach such papers. Looking at samples can guide you better. You will understand how to effectively approach complex tasks.

However, you need to be an active reader to improve significantly. Make sure to keep mixing it up to make it a fun activity rather than a tedious task.

Work on Your Grammar 

A crucial thing you must do if you’re thinking about how to pump essay writing skills is improving your grammar. If you write sentences with weak grammar or too many errors, it won’t make any sense. It can be detrimental to your paper. Remember that you want to connect with the reader and provide enough information. If the information seems like jumbled-up words, then there is no point in putting in the effort. 

Here are a few things that can come in handy:

  • Take a good look at grammar rules when you’re confused instead of moving on. An example is a confusion between “then: ” and “than”. Many people don’t realize that “than” is comparative. 
  • Stick to the active voice whenever you can. It keeps the sentence concise and compelling. It is far easier to read and understand. 
  • Keep the sentences at a short to medium length. Too lengthy sentences can confuse the readers and leave room for ambiguity even after reading it.
  • Use proper punctuation—place commas and semicolons where they’re needed. Furthermore, don’t alternate between them without understanding the use of each. End every sentence with a full stop.
  • Keep using different sentence structures to keep the writing higher, but don’t overcomplicate it. Different structures will help you get a good grip over the task as well as making it more interesting for the reader. 

You can visit to get pieces that can help the development of writing skills a lot. These prewritten essays have a spot on grammar and language and can cater to guiding you far better than any other!

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Research Skills are Critical

The first mistake students make while working on a writing task is trying to rush through it. The key is to take your time. Think it through. Brainstorm your way to the best topics and generate the best ideas inside your brain. If you choose an uninteresting topic and your plot seems ambiguous, it’s going to be a waste of your time.

Once you have your topic, begin the research on it. Research is primary for passage. You must have information on the topic you choose. Make sure you select scholarly sources instead of random blogs and articles. You can view them as inspiration, but you can’t list them down as references. The research contributes a lot to essay improvement because without a keen knowledge of the topic; you can’t write a single authentic sentence to get yourself marks.

Furthermore, research will help you for yourself as well, not just for written work. You will be able to use your research and analysis on a variety of topics and courses. It isn’t restricted to one type of paper. You can include statistical data and interpretations to make your essay more credible, full of details for the readers.

Practice the Writing Process

Let’s get to the root of academic essay writing now. You must practice the writing process a lot if you want to master an essay. First of all, you need to understand the requirements of your articles. Read it carefully and understand the keywords you need to focus on. Prepare a proper outline for the task. 

The outline will help you use these notes effectively to write relevant information in the desired part. You won’t have to waste time organizing the information. Write a brief statement with some background on the topic. Then add details in your body paragraphs. Finally, work on the conclusion that ends with a bang so that your reader remembers it. Summarize the entire essay with your stance in this final part of your paper.

Another thing that can help you learn how to improve essay writing is the TEEL method. Start a paragraph with a topic sentence, explain it, provide the evidence, and link it to the findings and ways to implement it. Once everything is done, go over it and make a few changes in your thesis statement to make sure it tells the reader precisely where you’re heading with your piece of work. 

Proofreading and Feedback

If you genuinely want to know how to pump writing skills, then proofread your entire essay. It will allow you to find errors and make a few required changes in the paper to enhance your work further. Fix all these minor errors and get feedback from someone who writes well. Feedback can help you understand your shortcomings in a better way. Take their suggestions if you feel like they can add value to your paper. You will be able to reflect on your skills without any embarrassment, as the feedback would come from someone you trust. After this, you won’t ever ask yourself how to write a better essay.

You might feel it’s a lot of effort, but it’s going to help you more than you can think in the long run. With these easy steps, you can master your writing abilities and write spotless, error-free essays in no time. Don’t delay the process and begin your journey towards improvement!


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