Use A Great Chauffeur Service in Dubai for Your Business Needs

  • Updated on April 29, 2021
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If you want to hire a suitable chauffeur service in Dubai that particularly caters to your business needs, you may find it challenging. Don’t worry, if this is your first time in Dubai and want a business class chauffeur service. All you need to do is to discuss with the representative at one of the chauffeur services and explain to them your needs. They may suggest you and help you find the most suitable one. Research is the key here; we recommend never underestimating the research before you hire one. We have compiled a few tips you every business person when he decides to choose the right Dubai car or chauffeur service that meets their needs. 

1. Check Referrals 

From a variety of car and chauffeur services, the best way to avail of the classical service is through reviews on the internet. Besides, we also recommend considering word-of-mouth referrals. You may ask people you know in Dubai or who have acquaintances and experiences of hiring chauffeur service in Dubai. They can best guide you and also share with you their experiences. Ask them what they liked about the service, and what they don’t. Consider their suggestions and do you brainstorm once before you hire one. After all, it’s all about your reputation, comfort, and status. 

2. Check References 

This part is quite related to the previous point. However, the second tip is to get some references from people you know in Dubai. There is a huge possibility that you don’t know anyone in Dubai, you’re your friend, family members, and neighbors; we’re sure that they will enthusiastically provide you their references of people living in Dubai. Once you get some, call them and describe your situation to them. They’ll surely provide you more references that directly help you hiring chauffeur services for your business needs. We also urge you to learn more about the organization, its strengths, and its weaknesses. 

3. Check Years of Experience in the Field 

Checking through the number of years in the industry is vital since it helps you understand how professionals they are and what quality of services you may expect from them. Transporting passengers is a serious job, where the most crucial aspect is time, comfort, and driving with care following all rules and regulations. For a successful ride, hire a car service that knows the importance of the business trip, classical and luxury style, and time. On the contrary, if are going to select a newly registered company in Dubai, make sure to check the experiences of their chauffeurs and other staff. 

P.S: Driving in Dubai consists of strict rules and regulations; breach can lead to severe accidents and license termination.  

4. Check the Fleet Size 

A wide variety of vehicles are mostly available at reliable and professional car services, and so their experienced chauffeurs. These vehicles include Mercedes sprinters, shuttle buses, party buses, stretch SUVs, and stretch limos. Each vehicle meets individual varied needs. For instance, the best choice is a stretch limousine for a business trip with two other people; you may also hire stretched SUV in the same case. Bear in mind, smaller companies have less variety and limited choices for their customers. 

5. Review Options in Person 

Are you’re attending a wedding or prom? If so, you must visit a car service provider in person. Get an idea and vehicles available for the purpose you intend to hire car service. The same goes for business class car hiring strategy. This visit may help you get a picture of their available vehicles and you can ensure that the vehicle you want is available. 

6. Check for Certification of Safety

Every registered and professional car service provider needs to have a certification of safety before they start operating in Dubai. Ask them about their certification of transport services. Are their chauffeurs trained? Do they own liability insurance? Verify that each vehicle they own is DOT inspected and DTU approved. In case, they can’t show you these certificates and all the information you asked for, there is no point to stay there anymore, move on to the next. 

7. Find Out About Costs 

Pricing plans and packages are a crucial aspect of the service operation itself. Remember, Dubai is a business hub. Therefore, some chauffeur services providers may charge you exceptionally more than the actual rates in the market because it is believed that business people visiting Dubai are much richer and don’t hesitate to spend a lot more money than the actual rates. You should be conscious and negotiate with the company representative if necessary. Moreover, you may also have to bear administration costs, gratuity fees, toll fees, and fuel surcharges. The company is not going to bear fuel charges on its own.


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