Social Media and Email Marketing – How to Get the Best of Both Worlds?

A higher reach and an increase in customers or users of services is something every company is aiming for. However, as there are two main strategies for doing so, one has to wonder, what is better: social media marketing or email marketing? Well, how about you try both of them? Social media and email marketing are two main ways of reaching out to your clients and customers, but also help you gain new ones. Moreover, these two methods can be used both at the same time. In fact, this method of advertising your company might bring you results that might surprise you. On the other hand, these are just some of the digital marketing tools you can use to expand your reach. This article will focus on helping you utilize both strategies for maximum results.

Social Media and Email Marketing as Two Main Ways of Expanding Your Business

One cannot deny the powerful impact both of these methods have in increasing the reach of your company and bringing in new customers. However, one of them is more likely to bring you, new customers, while the other can help you gain loyal customers. By using the data you have in regards to your audience, utilizing a simple, yet effective marketing strategy for your email marketing campaigns can help you expand your brand. Utilize the data you have to see where you need to increase your reach and how you can approach new clients. This can be easily done with software such as Sendinblue. Furthermore, when it comes to marketing, finding new clients and customers, as well as increasing your website traffic are two of the most important things to focus on. It is only then that your brand will start expanding and create a name for itself. That is precisely why Sendinblue or other, similar email marketing services can be of much use to you. Give it a try, and trust us – you won’t be sorry.

Both of these methods can work to your advantage if you know how to use them properly

Now, there are other ways in which you can increase your reach or business, like creating frequent content on your page, optimizing your SEO, etc. But what are the differences between the two main methods? Let us find out!

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained

This type of marketing is utilizing social media to increase the reach of a company, drive more website traffic, increase sales, etc. In previous years, companies would usually rely on regular content posting, engaging with followers, and publishing their products, brand, or services. However, as things change, so did social media. Now, social media is one of the main ways of communicating with others or viewing different content, products, or news. To adapt to this change, many businesses have started running advertisements on the platforms to attract new, potential customers. Note that this is just one of many reasons why you should be present on social media. Moreover, to be active on social media is a good way to target specific audiences and expand the reach in that way. In addition, with the ability to offer relatable content to users, a company can adapt its advertising to the needs of the user.

Email Marketing Strategy Explained

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing is focused more on personalized communication with a single, or a group of clients. Surprisingly, with the active and ever-growing presence of social media, email marketing is still a more efficient strategy for most companies. Of course, this will mostly depend on what products you sell or what services your company provides. With that in mind, email marketing is used to communicate with your already existing clients and inform them about various sales, special offers, changes in business, etc. To put it in short terms, an email is way more personal and private than social media. However, both social media and email marketing can provide you with new clients and customers. It all depends on what your company wants and what group you want to target.

Can You Profit from Both Social Media and Email Marketing?

Absolutely yes! Although social media is increasing in users even today, email is something that people use in a larger number. In a sense, an email is an essential part of creating a social media profile. However, this does not mean that you cannot use both methods to increase the numbers you want. 

Learn about the ins and outs of both methods and balance them for best results

There are many advantages to email marketing and there are advantages to social media marketing. The real trick is to differentiate the two and utilize them both to your advantage. Moreover, here is what you need to know about each of these marketing methods:

Social Media Marketing:

  • Is more likely to be used by younger people
  • Great for expanding your business in general
  • You will have to pay to promote your deals or posts

Email Marketing:

How Should You Combine the Two for Ultimate Results?

Knowing what platform to use at a specific time is the key to the successful marketing of your brand. You have to understand that each person has a different preference. Some of them will wake up and go on social media, while others will open up their email. You must know what your customers prefer and how to attract them the most. When talking about ROI (Return of Investments) an email strategy will approximately return $44 on $1 spent. Social media on the other hand? Well, the problem with social media is that you cannot track ROI on social media. Nonetheless, that does not mean that there is no efficiency. Instead, use social media to attract new customers or clients and to increase your website traffic. However, use email marketing to promote special offers, deals, and promotions. More importantly, the reason why email marketing has such a high ROI is that it almost always includes a CTA (Call to Action) button. 

Should You Focus on Both Methods?

As long as you have the data to back up your campaign there is no reason why you should not. There is nothing that should prevent you from utilizing both platforms. However, if you want to use social media and email marketing to help grow your company, you have to know the numbers. It is only then, that you will be able to adjust each campaign and know which way to turn when you need it the most.


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