How to Get Free Burger King Whoppers, Cheeseburgers, and Fries

  • Updated on August 23, 2021
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Those who fancy fast foods know that they can be pricey. They would appreciate free and discounted offers. But how does one know when Burger King or other fast-food outlets offer free cheeseburgers, fries, or Burger King Whoppers? At, there are many tips on ways to get discounts or extra fast foods. You will even get free yummy delights with every purchase of the fast food on offer during the discounted and free food campaign.

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Tips to Getting More Food for Less at Burger King

1. Promotions on the Mobile App

If you stay on the lookout, Burger King offers free Burger King Whoppers and cheeseburgers from time to time. With every purchase at BK of the set amount, you can claim the free food on offer. Other deals include free food for kids with every purchase of over two dollars or the set limit at the time of promotion. Before claiming the free cheeseburger or fries, one should check the terms and conditions of the purchase and use the mobile app to make the purchase. It is also advisable to confirm if an outlet is participating in the promotion before making a purchase. People who download and order food on the mobile app also have special deals that include free food or drinks.

2. Participate in Burger King Surveys

Burger King usually takes surveys on customer satisfaction, information to help in product development, and statistics essential for business growth. When they run such campaigns, they inform customers through advertising and print the information on the procedures needed to qualify for a free cheeseburger sandwich or fries on the receipt. When you complete the survey within the specified duration, you can claim one of the food items on offer. Even buying any of the cheapest foods on the menu may get you the receipt through which you can access and complete the survey to get free food on offer at Burger King.

3. BK Reward Programs

The Burger King loyalty program rewards its clients with points with every purchase. Royal Perks’ launch has triggered an increase in sales at all participating BK outlets. You earn points for every dollar spent, and after attaining many points, you can claim a beverage, cheeseburger, or any other type of food on offer. During your birthday month, they give customers in the reward program a chance to either double the points they earn or to upsize on drinks, burgers, or any food item on the menu for offers.

4. Discounts and Coupons

BK offers weekly deals and discounts from time to time. Through social media and other marketing options, you can get the procedure to be eligible to claim the free fries, cheeseburger, or a Whopper when you order food at various outlets. On Fridays or any other day of their choice, they may also announce reduced prices of other offers.

Though Burger King is an expensive fast-food chain, they offer sumptuous meals, and when you take advantage of the discounts, you get more value for your money.


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