How to Come Up with Brilliant Ideas for Your College Essays

Writing an essay is not a piece of cake, it takes proper grammar, punctuation, and storytelling to write a well-structured and engaging essay. Most college students struggle a lot while choosing a topic, it’s not easy to decide a topic that will make your essay stand out among the other student’s essays and you might find yourself stuck with a blank piece of paper. As the topic is the backbone of your essay, it should be interesting and captivating.

Here’s how to come up with brilliant ideas for your college essays:

To write a compelling essay, you need to choose a topic that you’re passionate about, which will impulsively bring life to your essay and deliver a better reading experience.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Try to choose a topic that is not extremely technical or complex, because the reader will not be able to relate to it. Try to picture yourself in the reader’s shoes while choosing your topic, something too complicated will only confuse and disinterest the reader.


What Are You Interested In?

It’s best to choose a topic relating to a personal experience, something deep-felt and close to your heart. With the memories still fresh in your mind, writing those pictures into words and explaining your experience will help you carve your words into a brilliant piece of writing while keeping the reader engaged and enthused.

Writing about influential people is also a great essay topic. You can write about a leader, a teacher, your parents, or anyone’s advice that had a life-changing impact on you. An event or advice that you learned from, or a few wise words by an influencer that made you think twice and motivated you to accomplish something. You can also write about a person that inspires you, someone famous, or the work of an artist.

Another idea for a brilliant essay is to write about something thought-provoking and interesting. For example, If you got a chance to swap lives with anyone, who would it be? Or what would you do if you were born in a different century?

Take this as a chance to present arguments, something you want to share your views on. A problem with a positive and negative side or to embrace something that is not talked about enough.

Choose from your best stories, a day you can’t forget, or something that happened to a loved one. A picnic or a trip that you can never forget or simply someone’s words that are stuck in your mind.

Using ongoing events and trends as a topic is also a very good idea as it is already known by people and has a hype. Writing about trending topics makes your content more relatable and is more likely to be read.

Don’t Forget to Use the Internet

You can also search for an essay writer free from the browser and look at the topics already written on so that your topic is not too commonly used or ordinary. Write about something unique, interesting, and something that speaks of you in some way. If your essay projects your personality, then it must be infused with passion and the reader will enjoy your essay. 


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