Top 5 Technical Writing Tools You Must Know

When you are dabbling in writing on any technical issue, you get to deliver clear-cut information and guidelines. To document the technical material, one must have certain tools ready to be used at disposal. But finding an apt tool is quite tricky and crucial. If I am about to write my paper, I should be informed about the tools I am going to use. To write my paper, I must be familiar with these tools. Following tools are must-know tools in technical writing. So, to save your time, we are enlisting tools that might come in handy while drafting a technical write-up. 

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1- Microsoft Word

This is the most widely used software in any kind of writing especially in technical writing. It is quite famous among writers worldwide because it has a very user-friendly interface. It has a wide array of features that allow the writer to add charm to writing. From a variety of fonts to page layouts, from different font styles to page designing options and diverse inserting options, it is an all-in-one tool for writing. 

2- Google Docs

It is a popular online document editing tool that allows the writer to work on its document while saving progress online. It is integrated with Drive and Gmail making the documents easily accessible and available for all-time editing and sharing. Google docs have the edge of having rather sophisticated tools for editing making it more attractive to writers.

3- Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a very helpful tool for making illustrations and image addition in technical writing. The addition of images and illustrations makes the writing appealing and understandable.

Basically, it is a graphic editor developed and managed by Adobe Incorporation. It allows the writer to draw brand-new illustrations or images or edit already existing ones with plentiful editing options. It allows the writer to create an artwork in raster format. It helps create Web pages, User-Interface designs, Video graphics, Banner ads, and Editing images for printing. It is the best tool for experts and professionals.

4- RoboHelp

It is the tool that helps a writer in publishing his/her online document so basically, it is an authoring tool. It is also managed under Adobe Incorporation. It helps a writer in developing a variety of projects and rendering them available in diverse formats. Many businesses and corporations use it for delivering helpful content online. It also helps in the delivery of knowledge-based articles.

5- Grammarly

It is the kind of software tool which writers across the field swear by. It is undeniably the most used tool which can be regarded as a writer’s virtual assistant. It is easily accessible and available online for free. It can be added as an extension to the browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It highlights the mistakes without delay and also suggests the corrections to be made. It also provides the option of adding new particular terms to the dictionary so that they are not marked as errors in the future.


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