Top Five E-Commerce Website Builder

If you want to increase your product’s sales online, you must have a fantastic e-commerce website to sell your products.

Of course, building such an attractive place is crucial and intimidating, as if you don’t know how to design or code a website.

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Start from creating and setting up website pages for your products to fill the shopping carts with all the payment methods and provide customer services; there are many technical processes you have to sort through. Luckily, the top eCommerce website builders such as ecommerce webdesign sydney have this capability to clarify and smooth down the entire process so that you can start your service as fast as possible.

To help you select the perfect one for your new online business, we have narrowed them down to the top five top e-commerce website builders on the market based on their functionality, prices, and features.

Wix: (Best for Beginners)

Wix is the website builder, which makes the whole procedure of building an e-commerce website quite simple. Its drag and drop interface option makes it even easier for the builder to create its new Website.

It also offers an SEO friendly component so that you can initiate driving traffic to your Website immediately. Additionally, your subscription provides you web hosting and non-commission based sales so that you don’t have to find hosting and paying additional transaction fees. For these reasons, Wix is one of the best website builders for small businesses.


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Handles all the hosting work
  • Hundreds of free templates
  • SEO friendly to improve site performance
  • Commission-free sales so you can save your revenue


  • Change the templates isn’t possible once the Website is live
  • flexibility can create a platform to feel overwhelming


  • Basic: 23 dollars per month
  • Unlimited: 27 dollars per month
  • VIP: 49 dollars per month

Shopify: (Best For Customization)

It offers to customize templates, pages for the products, service offerings, and much more to all types and sizes of businesses that want to create their online store.

If you’re in search of an end-to-end e-commerce service, Shopify makes sure to deliver it. It hosts your Website, gives you marketing and advertising tools, and assists you with SEO.

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 It also has a feature of customer analysis, so you can keep an eye on the visitor’s tastes towards your products, which helps you to make knowledgeable business decisions based on their behaviors.


  • Advanced customer analytics
  • Built-in marketing, advertising, and SEO components
  • Easily integrate the online store with Facebook
  • Drag-and-drop site builder
  • It gives more customization options


  • Uploading pictures before utilizing a photo editor can create problems
  • More costly
  • Just a few nine free templates available


  • Lite: 9 dollars per month
  • Basic Shopify: 29 dollars per month
  • Advanced Shopify: 299 dollars per month

Squarespace: (Best For Social Media Integration)

It points out social media integration tools for marketing your online store to associate your social media profiles and tag products in your posts. As an example, you can say that you can connect your Instagram and sell products within your photos.

Squarespace also has a mobile application with 150+ social media templates; you can customize the fonts, layouts, and filters.


  • Numerous templates
  • Easy integration of social media with your Website
  • Reasonable monthly pricing


  • Limitation in design flexibility
  • Few payment methods


  • Personal: 12 – 16 dollars per month
  • Basic Commerce: 26 – 30 dollars per month
  • Advanced Commerce: 40 – 46 dollars per month

BigCommerce: (Best for Scalability)

The clue to scaling your business is to personalize the customer experience and delivers better strategies to attain new customers. BigCommerce combines personalization and digital marketing to assist you in scaling your business.

The software scales you with advanced features like conversion audits and detailed SEO optimization abilities to boost your growth even better.

You can sell on numerous channels, e.g., Facebook and Pinterest, pick your payment method, and avoid additional transaction fees so you can save against whatever you sell.


  • Number of advanced customization features
  • Zero percent transaction fee on every plan
  • Allows to sell all kind of product (including service-based products)


  • Difficult for beginners
  • Not the right choice for a small store


  • Standard: 29.95 dollars per month
  • Pro: 299.95 dollars per month

Weebly: (Best for Building All type Of Website)

Weebly provides you tools for building e-commerce and informational sites. For newcomers, Weebly is a robust website builder as it gives multiple tools to use without complicating the process of making a website. By using those tools, you can create a website as well as general SEO and market campaign.


  • Works for online stores and informational websites
  • Helps with SEO


  • Maybe too simple for some businesses
  • Tech support response isn’t as quick as you may need


  • Personal: 6 – 9 dollars per month
  • Professional: 12 – 16 dollars per month
  • Performance: 26 – 29 dollars per month


If someone want to expand your business, then having an online store is necessary these days. Even traditional store should have an online platform to answer customer queries and to provide required business information. Using top e-commerce website builder, it’s easy to create an online store so you can keep existing customers and appeal the new customers.


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