5 Key Features To Develop Better Chat Apps

Chat apps are the most straightforward, most accessible, most apparent, and most promising form of communication between customers and businesses these days. Android app development It helps businesses and customers interact more informally. This gives brands the opportunity of engaging with their customers more and better. You might know how to create an app but there are certain things that should be taken care of while creating one.

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Here are five things app development companies should consider when developing a chat app:

#1. User Experience should be Right on the Top of Your Agenda 

A chat app’s success is based on customer experience. Of course, the chat app is supposed to provide the user with the correct answers, but not at the cost of user experience. User experience ranks high on the to-do list as opposed to giving correct answers to the customers. Why? It’s because if the user experience is sub-par, the customer is not likely to return to your app again, even though your app may be providing the user with the most accurate answers.

 So, how do you ensure that your chat app delivers a great user experience? First and foremost, your chat app should be purpose-driven. In other words, you should know what issues your chat app is going to address and what problems it could solve. Only then will you be able to zero down on the features that your chatbot should incorporate and the tone and persona it should adopt, directly impacting the user experience.

#2. Chat Apps Must Respond Correctly Regardless of User Inputs  

Though I underplayed the importance of accurate communication apps in the first point, precise communication is crucial for a chat app’s success. However, there’s a catch. The platform is littered with all kinds of emojis, gifs, images, slang, and abbreviations, not to mention spelling errors and oddly phrased sentences. 

The customer may use any of these above things, which the chat app might find difficult to dissect. Meaning, the app developers need to program their chat app for such eventualities and respond accordingly, regardless of the input it receives from the users.    

To prepare the chat app for such inevitabilities, it must source the correct data during development. When developing a chat app, the development team should essentially focus on accumulating high-quality data from verified sources and ensuring that the data matches the requirements of the target audience. This will help the chat app tackle unexpected questions in the form of emojis and slang.  

#3. Allow Users to Communicate on Their Favorite Channels

The most significant selling point of a chat app is that the customers can use it anywhere and anytime. The level of convenience offered by a chat app is unbeatable when compared to other customer journeys.   

Despite the benefits, consumers look at chat apps with loads of skepticism. So for these comfort-mongering users, it’s crucial to make the apps available to them wherever they are. It could be the social media platform such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and so on.  Companies need to look beyond websites and mobile apps when offering their chat app services.  Consumers use personal messaging on social media platforms, and so it won’t be a bad idea if you could help them communicate with your brand in the same way.  

#4. Offer Fingerprint Locks to Hide Messages 

Fingerprint locks offer an additional layer to chat apps. Once the lock is enabled, the user would be able to access the chats. Users should also be able to enable or disable the message context preview in the notifications. The developers could offer different options when it comes to locking the messaging app, just like WhatsApp. WhatsApp currently provides three other options such as “Immediately,” the second is ‘After 1 minute’ and the third is ‘After 30 minutes.’    

#5. Advanced Features That a Chat App should Adopt 

A chat app basically sends and receives messages – that’s a given.  That said, one unique feature could be the crowning glory of mobile apps. For example, Snapchat allows users to share images and videos that could be seen only for a second.   

Here’s a checklist of advanced messaging app features to consider when building a chat app:

  • Secret chats with chats disappearing on both devices within a specified period after it’s read 
  • Customizable profiles with changes allowed in background colors, fonts, patterns)
  • Games 
  • Statuses and Stories 
  • Chatbot 
  • Location sharing 
  • Stickers 
  • Scheduling birthday messages in advance 

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Contact a Chat App Development Company

The chat apps market is witnessing spectacular growth. And the best part is there’s still space for new chat app start-ups in the arena with more intuitive features. However, at the time of hiring a chat app development, you need to consider the following three things: 

  • Time and cost of an Android or iOS chat app
  • Unique features you plan to feed into the app 
  • The experience of the developers involved in building the app 


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