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  • Updated on January 6, 2023
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Working freelance can be a brilliant way for you to set your own schedule and timetable in a world where it is often difficult to take control of most aspects of your own life, it can be done around your own schedule and other family commitments. Freelance work is a fantastic opportunity to operate as a single-person business and prove your own worth as a worker. It is not the easiest way to make a living; it is often the opposite. However, too many it is worth the difficulty to work for themselves in a field they love, and there are many fields in freelance work. This article aims to highlight just a handful of the possible freelance career options available to you.

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Coding and the processes around it are complex and convoluted to many, which means that anyone who can easily understand and interact with coding is going to be able to find work doing just that. From web design to app development, there are all sorts of areas that programmers can find freelance work in, and these can often be a satisfying and engaging way to work. Programming is important to the world we live in, which means you should always find work in this field. Whether you are developing an app, designing a game, or coding a website, you should be able to find a fulfilling working experience within the field of programming.


There are very few aspects of life that do not, in some way, involve the written word, and that means writers. Writing, as a profession, only accounts for around 0.03% of the population, which is a very small proportion when you consider how ubiquitous writing is in almost every product. Writing as a freelance skill is nearly always in demand, and there are a great many areas in which freelance writers might find work. Content writing is one of the most popular options for becoming a freelance writer because, as with copywriting, it revolves around the development of content that is integral to many business’ marketing techniques. Ghostwriting is another popular area as many people wish to write something, but few can go through the process of writing and editing an extended piece of literary work.


Just as often as words, people love to interact with pictures and art as a part of their everyday lives. From the logos on everyday products to the cover art on a novel, there are countless different ways that an illustrator might find freelance work as a freelancer in the field, from illustrating the diagrams in instructional leaflets to bringing a customer’s vision to life in artistic commissions. 

The advent of the digital age has brought accessibility and viability to freelance work as an artist. However, many artists struggle with difficult customers and those who refuse to pay when commissioning work. In addition, the field is filled with potential hazards, and often these are difficult to navigate when you are new to the practice. Fortunately, communities have risen to help fellow artists protect themselves and promote good practices in self-protection.

Video Editing

With the recent boom in content marketing techniques and video creation sites in general, it is no wonder that video editing is also far more in demand as a freelance area. Editing everything from video game lets plays to cereal advertisements, freelance video editing is a burgeoning field. Of course, this is far from a new skill; however, the popularity of and viability of sites such as YouTube have transformed video editing from a hobby to a full-blown career possibility for freelance work, there are many opportunities to make money from the skillset, and that makes all the difference when it comes to the viability of the career.


The world is a varied and culturally diverse place, which means that to truly allow communication and interaction between the different cultures of the world, there have to be people who can translate for those who cannot understand both languages. Thus, translators are incredibly important for their ability to connect disparate people via the common thread of understanding. Be it business, pleasure, or a mix of the two, freelance translators are often well paid for their services, which is doubtless down to the niche nature of the position. 


Everyone wants to capture precious memories for future reminiscence and posterity, which is why freelance photography is such a popular field. Quality speaks for itself in photography, which means that you will always find work if you can prove your ability to take excellent photographs. From weddings to fashion shows, there is no end of possible venues for a photographer; the only limiting factors on the work you might be able to find is the growth of your reputation and your skills with a lens.

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