Top 7 Shoebox Light Fixtures

  • Updated on September 7, 2021
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The concept of LED parking lights is not new. But not many people are aware of what exactly it does and how it can be helpful. Well, it refers to the lamps used for parking, street lighting, and even regular lighting. That is why it is also popular by the name of LED streetlights.

The reason why it is called a shoebox light fixture is that it has the shape of a shoebox. This parking light offers quite a good brightness and can provide enough lighting even in the outdoor area, which is quite wide.

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1. 100W LED Parking Lot Light

100W LED Parking Lot Lights are the finest option that can be chosen is 100W LED Parking Lot Light. It is one of its kind that has been designed for lasting performance and money-saving ideas.

This parking lot light is best suitable for an outdoor area with a delivery performance of maximum output of 13000lm. Besides, the high performance of white light is another best part of it. It is energy efficient and can offer an output of 130lm/w of uniform luminous illumination.


  • Dimmable
  • Waterproof Outdoor Street Light
  • Probable ideal locations like parking lots and roadways
  • UL and DLC safety standards certified

2. 200W LED Shoebox Light

The price of this Shoebox Light is nominal, and it is worth the investment. The price associated with the MH/HPS/HID lights use can be saved to a great extent if this LED parking lot light is chosen. It has been estimated that it can save up to 75% of the overall electricity bill. Besides, it has a life expectancy of 50000 hours at least.


  • Smooth installation
  • Best suitable for roadways, parking lots, and even parks
  • Offers amazing weather and erosion protection. Besides, it also has got IP65 waterproof rating.

3. 80w LED12″ Shoebox Light Fixture

With high premium quality and best of the output chip on board, this is one amazing option to choose from. It offers custom color temps, which are also available if requested. 80w LED12″ Shoebox Light Fixture offers the CRI of at least 70 while there is also a customization option for CRI available.


  • Standard photometric distributions
  • Drivers are 0-10v dimming standard
  • LED Engine Module
  • ETL Certified
  • L70 calculated LED life over 270,000+ hours
  • 50-80% energy savings

4. 40w LED12″ Shoebox Light Fixture

Those who are looking for quality with a great deal should consider this impact-resistant 40w LED12″ Shoebox Light Fixture. It is one of its kind and so far has got a positive response as well. It is designed with soft square aluminum housing and has the best industrial standards meeting design. You can also fund it in different colors like black, dark bronze, and light Gray, to name some.


  • Rugged
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Polyester powder coat
  • Adjustable slip fitter

5. 150W LED Parking Lot Light:

This is a dusk till dawn shoebox light fixture that has been in the market for quite some time. It is known for its energy-saving results and certainly has quite a superior construction. It is almost equivalent to the metal halide lamp of 400W and offers good light efficiency too.


  • Dimmable
  • Quality light-sensitive photocells
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Protection against harsh weather conditions

6. 300W LED Parking Lot Light

Another efficient option that can be shortlisted is the Lepro 300W LED parking. Known for high efficiency, these lights offer quality chips and 130lm/w of 5000K white daylight. It can save up to 70% of the overall bill on electricity.


  • Time-saving
  • Equipped with light-sensitive photocells
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • UL and DLC Premium ratings

7. 240w LED16″ Shoebox Light Fixture

This is one of the heritage series that can be considered. It has ETL certification and offers a top-notch quality chip onboard solution. There is also the option of custom color which can be made available upon request.


  • Life over 270,000+ hours
  • 0-10v dimming standard drivers
  • Premium high-output Chip-On-Board
  • Availability of Custom CRI


The above options are the best ones in the market today and are available at great pricing too. LED parking lot lights can be best suitable for parking lots, commercial lighting, and even streets. You can even find it at different places like campuses, commercial centers, hospitals, and even square.

While making a choice, so to it that it fulfills your need in the right manner. The shoebox lighting fixture can be done only if the right one is chosen that can offer better visibility and brightness.

Known for good luminous efficiency and better durability, investing in such LED streetlights is completely worth it. It saves energy, and there will not be much cost of electricity too.


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