Heart Rate Checking App – Individualized Push for Your Training Goal

A sports watch monitors your heart rate to improve your training performance. If your watch is connected to the smartphone, this works particularly well, as you can access tailor-made feedback and visualized statistics via the app. Depending on your training goal, you determine which functions make sense for you. At the same time, our app to check heart rate (Welltory) offers clever little helpers in pre-installed form, others are available in app stores.

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Trend of Using Heart Rate Monitor App Has Increased

We all know that pigeonhole thinking is nonsense. Nevertheless, one always catches oneself with one or the other cliché. For example, that athletes and technology geeks are two completely opposite categories/species. One runs, the other scrolls? That may apply in individual cases. But this prejudice is undoubtedly refuted by the modern generation of heart rate variability apps because these little surprise bags offer a range of technical possibilities for optimizing training, which even James Bond would rave about if he was a passionate jogger in his sparse free time, Gymnast, swimmer or handball player.

Heart Rate Monitor Devices Gives You Clear Facts About Your Health

The programs are particularly important here because if you want to increase your training performance efficiently, you should not only rely on your body feeling, but also clear facts. Because a normal heart rate monitor informs you about your heart rate or the current fat burning during training, but an exact evaluation of all data is essential for optimization. These create the recordings of your training data, which you can of course record on paper and then evaluate using a calculator. However, this is just as stressful as it is time-consuming and usually confusing, and therefore prone to errors. Analysis via the Welltory app for reliable data storage and automatic evaluation is much more convenient and precise, be it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Technological Vendor’s Tray: Sports Apps challenge and Encourage You Individually

Some apps such as Runtastic for runners or Nike Run Club can also be downloaded from the store, but the established manufacturers usually offer their heart rate monitors in combination with pre-installed sports programs. Garmin in particular is a pioneer here and has up to 15 different versions for various sports in its range (for example with its vívoactive 3 sports watch) – and competitor Polar also scores with numerous free apps for fitness and training. Tom Tom, in turn, has developed a sports app that is not only compatible with its own products but also with other devices, if it is connected to Apple Health or Google fit. The long-term goal is of course to market your own heart rate measuring device, so you can try them out on a demo account.

The synchronization of the training data stored in your Samsung heart rate monitor device. Most programs show your performance in the current training in a graphically clear and understandable way and, in the style of a personal trainer, also put it in direct heart rate monitor comparison with your previous values, so that the performance curve is easy to see.

From this you can, for example, deduce at what time you are most efficient, in which terrain you are fastest, or even which training shoes work most effectively for you. Motivation feedback helps to develop further training efficiency and supports stamina. You can also use the app to set your daily step goals and set up sleep control, some also provide information about your fluid requirements, are calorie counters, give tips on nutrition, or play your favorite music.

Spread the Word: Online Platforms Increase Motivation

Do good – and talk about it! This motto can also be used in sports. On the one hand, because you are more likely to persevere in the regular sport when others know about it and ask you about it – you know this effect from diets or when you try to ban cigarettes or alcohol from your life. After all, anyone who is approached by colleagues during the small talk in the coffee kitchen about how yesterday’s running training or the session in the gym was like doesn’t want to admit that they skipped it and instead messed up with a bag of chips on the sofa.

You can of course reach a larger circle if you post the kilometers you have run on social networks such as Facebook. This can certainly motivate beginners to persevere. But not all people like a large audience. However, many do not want to train in silence – because competitions are a lot of fun (that’s in our nature) and encourage each other to perform at their best. This is the second reason why you can make your sporting ambitions public with a clear conscience when you feel like it. In this case, it is advisable to use the specific online platforms offered by the major manufacturers, such as Welltory. Training results can also be announced here via smartphone. Here you meet like-minded people, maybe even get to know future training partners,

Perfect Fit: Heart Rate Monitors with HRM Sensor – App for Technology Fans

Everything is possible, nothing has to be done! Of course, this motto also applies to heart rate monitors. Anyone who is tech-savvy loves apps and co. But those who have nothing to do with them and break into a sweat every time they restart their smartphone can of course leave their hands behind and fall back on an app-free model that comes with extra functions such as step- or calorie counter or warning alarm in the event of overexertion, of course, also acts as a useful training companion. This also applies to athletes who, for data protection reasons, want to forego online registration and uploading of their training data (these are usually stored anonymously anyway and only made available to other users on their own initiative).

Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Increase in training efficiency
2. Visualized statistics
3. Increased motivation
4. Individual training support
5. High wearing comfort
6. Overload protection
7. Approved procedures
8. Compact dimensions, lightweight
9. Evaluation on the PC, tablet, or smartphone
10. Innovative extra features
1. Partly expensive
2. Online registration is necessary


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