Advantages for Students Getting STEM Degree in the United States

In recent years, I have noticed that students who are planning to enroll and study at universities in the United States of America, in most cases choose specialties related to the study of business, finance, economics, or humanitarian courses. Only in the last year, there has been an interest in specialties at American universities that are related to the study of such subjects as mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. In US universities, these subjects are usually called in one word-the STEM, and this term is increasingly beginning to appear on foreign websites that write about education in the United States of America.

In this article, I want to discuss in more detail the STEM courses, namely, how they arose and what advantages international students who study these disciplines at American universities receive. Studying in the USA is quite comprehensive, that’s why while being a student I preferred to pay someone to write my paper.

STEM is an abbreviation of the terms Science, Technologies, Engineering, Mathematics. This term is very often used by American universities and, so students refer to disciplines related to the study of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology in the same way. The disciplines are interconnected, for example, the study of mathematics helps in mastering engineering specialties, including scientific ones, mathematics lays the foundations for further study of physics, and physics, in turn, is necessary for engineers.

At the end of the last century, this term became quite popular thanks to the American government, which conducted research and found out what specialists are missing in the American labor market. As at the end of the last century, so now there are not enough specialists in the United States of America who worked in high-tech jobs related to research, development of equipment, engineering, etc. The American government has determined that the shortage of specialists will only grow. It was determined that in the period from 2012 to 2020, about 9 million STEM specialists will be needed. 

Since Americans cannot fill the jobs that have arisen, the US government has launched a program to attract foreign specialists through education and with the further opportunity to get a good job.

What Advantages Do Students Who Study STEM Courses at US Universities Get?

First of all, students who study STEM courses can work up to 20 hours while studying at a US university, and up to 40 hours during the summer holidays. But this opportunity is also given to students of other courses.

But recently, the US Department of Immigration (the USA, the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Control (Ice), made a statement that they are expanding the list of courses that are included in the concept of STEM, in addition, students who have completed their studies and received a diploma can stay working in the US for up to 29 months under the work program for graduates of American universities – optional Educational practice – opt stem. I remind you that students of other courses are allowed to stay only up to 17 months.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of these courses is still employment. It is important for students and parents whether a university graduate will find a job after graduation, and this is the question that all students, without exception, ask. In the case of STEM courses, I can say with confidence-Yes. Moreover, the work in these specialties is one of the highest-paid in the United States.

In Which American Universities is It Best to Study STEM?

There is a large selection of educational institutions throughout the United States, but among those that offer STEM specialties, I want to highlight:

  • Auburn University, Alabama
  • Florida International University, Florida
  • University of Central Florida, Florida
  • Louisiana State University, Los Angeles
  • University of Kansas, Kansas
  • University of South Carolina, South Carolina

Is It Possible to Study for Free in the United States?

I want to dispel another popular myth of students: free higher education in the United States of America. Recently, due to a large amount of information on the Internet about scholarship programs, it seems that studying in America can be obtained without spending a single cent. But is it so? 

Education in the United States of America is by definition paid. This is why student loans are so popular in America, and many families have been saving money for years to finance university education for their children. Purefy helps you compare student loan rates and refinance lenders with complete confidence so you can select the best loan for your financial needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Study at American Universities?

American universities are officially the most expensive in the world. 19 19,000 US dollars per year. In some educational institutions, the cost is from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 per year.

Although America is associated exclusively with scholarships, it is virtually impossible to get a scholarship for foreign students, especially those who enter the first year after finishing the 11th grade of school. Why is it difficult for foreigners to get a scholarship? This question can be answered, by understanding what a scholarship is.

A scholarship is a discount provided by a university or an independent organization for certain achievements of a student. There are many types of scholarships, but they cover only a part of the cost of training, and never cover the cost of accommodation. Students must cover these expenses themselves.

Foreign students can qualify for certain tuition discounts, but they are provided by the university on an individual basis. What about discounts based on good grades? – you may ask. Yes, they are available but in most cases for second-year students. 

How to Save Money on Higher Education in the USA?

If your budget is limited, we advise you to first enroll in a community college, where you can study an incomplete higher education-an academic degree. The average cost of tuition per year at a community college is $ 14,000 per year. 

To reduce the cost of tuition and accommodation, I often recommend choosing universities that are located in small cities. Many educational institutions, to attract foreign students, give additional discounts, for example, from $ 10,000 for the entire period of study.

Additional Opportunities to Finance Education in the United States

There are several opportunities to finance your Education:

  • Work during training. Students can work up to 20 hours during their studies and up to 40 hours during the holidays;
  • Work after graduation. International students can stay to work in the United States after graduation. The period of stay, which is allowed by the US government – is from 17 to 29 months, depending on the course;

Education in the United States is paid for all students without exception, but proper planning of the learning process, enrollment, proper selection of an educational institution, will help significantly reduce the cost of education.


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