7 Benefits of Using Java for Your Web Development Needs

As a programming language, Java was first introduced by the company Sun Microsystem. This was in 1995, and later the company was bought out by Oracle. So, since 2010, Java has been owned by Oracle.

In the years that followed, Java has evolved and adapted, and it is now known as one of the best programming languages out there, and it is highly beneficial for all types of businesses. Besides that, it is useful for mobile applications, enterprise software, embedded systems, and web scripting games. Even hugely successful companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon trust Java for their web development needs.

All these facts make Java the most optimal solution for business web development. Your online presence matters, the user experience your online business provides matters, so, utilizing the proper web development programming language matters too. So, if your company doesn’t already have one, you should definitely consider finding java developers for hire and make your team complete. What follows are the reasons why you should utilize the Java programming language and all the benefits it offers. Let’s dive in.

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Application of Java Programming Language

Java is a versatile programming language, making it useful for more than one application. It is used for:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Web Servers and Application Servers
  • Scientific Applications

So, regardless of the type of business you own, hiring a Java developer and taking proper care of all web development processes needed will surely take your business a few steps further in the game.

Benefits of Using Java in Web Development

Next, we are going to explore the many benefits of using java, and the reasons why you should start today.

Simple Code Practice

As a programming language, Java fully supports high-quality coding practices and it even comes with an automated garbage collection process that will prevent any memory leak instances. Because of the rule of programming language, it can reuse current, tried code and present fewer bugs dependent on its JavaBeans part design and wide reach, effectively extendable.

Machine-Independent Byte Codes

All the software source codes written in this type of advanced programming language are arranged into machine-autonomous byte codes and will run reliably and smoothly on any platform or device. As mentioned above, the Java programming language is adaptable and is continuously evolving to make the entire process more user-friendly and quicker.

Few Lines of Code

Another reason why developers enjoy studying it and working with this programming language is the fact that it is easy and actually more straightforward when compared to other languages of this type. It doesn’t require hundreds and hundreds of lines of code for the application to run smoothly. It only needs a few lines of code, thus making the entire web development process much faster, yet highly effective.

Distribute Software Makes Work Easy

By utilizing the Java Web Start Software, all users (potential clients) will be in the position to launch the application (your application) with just a simple (and single) click on the mouse.  There is also an automatic version that will make sure each user has the latest version of the software. The system checks, and if there is an update available for your software, Web Start will automatically update it.  Convenient, right?

Useful Developer Tools

Another thing that makes Java great is that it has unique and helpful developer tools and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that will provide more features and higher productivity rates. When speaking about integrated development environments, it is useful to know that the two most popular and widely used options are NetBeans and Eclipse.

Multi-Threading Option

Java offers the multi-threading option for developers. What this means is that all code that was written in Java will be able to handle more threads or users simultaneously. The end-result and what the user sees is a quick response time, fewer issues or bugs, improved performance, and much faster concurrent access.

Scalable Programming Language

What does it mean for a programming language to be scalable? It means that the software which utilizes Java for web development can successfully manage the extended load of work the software is going through. It can be larger data or higher request rates. Regardless of what it is, Java allows the developer to scale the tasks vertically or horizontally, and be able to still run smoothly and without interruptions.


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