Why is AWS Migration Important for Healthcare Companies?

Healthcare is one of those sectors which stand to gain much with the invention of Cloud services. It is one of those sectors where data collection is enormous, but they do not have the expertise to handle this scale of data, let alone analyze it. So, Cloud computing will make an ever-lasting impact on the Healthcare domain. So, taking up an AWS Solutions Architect Certification would be beneficial for architects in the Healthcare domain. Without further ado, let’s get an insight on the topics that we are going to read about:

  • Why Migrating to the Cloud is necessary?
  • Which Cloud provider to choose?
  • How is AWS used in the Healthcare sector?
  • Is AWS secure for the Healthcare domain?
  • Is AWS a cost-effective healthcare solution?
  • Conclusion

Why Migrating to the Cloud is Necessary? 

Cloud computing is an on-demand service of computing power, storage, and analytical services, in a pay-as-you-go model. Setting up your own physical on-premises setup will lead to higher expenses, cumbersome experience, and a need to maintain experienced professionals to sort out any issues, which will come for sure. 

And that is where Cloud Computing offers you so much in an economical way. It gives you the freedom to scale up or scale down the resources, analyze your data and extract pivotal insights, and provide you with tailored solutions. But for all that to happen, every company needs a Solution Architect to design the AWS architecture. Take up the proper Cloud Migration training to help companies bring expenses down by designing scalable and cost-effective architecture. 

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Which Cloud Provider to Choose?

The Healthcare domain was battling with some apprehension regarding the security of the cloud platform earlier. But it was long before, now the main question, in front of every sector and not only, Healthcare is “Which cloud provider to choose from?” 

Options are plenty to choose from, and some of the best Cloud computing vendors offering excellent services are Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, Google’s GCP. 

Even though all these cloud services provide you nearly the same service and at competitive prices, look closely at the overall benefits that these vendors render you. 

  • Pricing of their services in the longer run
  • Security of data that you store 
  • Whether they provide services that are HIPAA compliant or not, etc. 

If you need an industry leader, then going with Amazon Web Services or AWS will be the perfect option, as it offers industry-leading features and much more coverage than any other cloud service provider. As for the stats, one in every three websites that you visit, chances are it is AWS hosted, according to a survey. 

How is AWS Used in the Healthcare Sector? 

AWS is the most mature cloud platform that provides you with a host of healthcare solutions with total security and privacy. As we know, Healthcare is heavily regulated, and so AWS operates abiding by these laws strictly. Choosing AWS as your cloud service will help you innovate faster, personalize your healthcare solutions, and extract the true potential of data. AWS is being used in the following fields within the Healthcare domain:

  • Healthcare datasets
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Disease Management
  • Clinical Information Systems, etc. 

Is AWS Secure for the Healthcare Domain?

Nearly every AWS service is “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” or, in short, “HIPAA” Eligible Services. Being HIPAA compliant means the company dealing with sensitive data of patients must protect it, follow set standards and security measures as mentioned in the act. 

AWS also allows you to build different layers within your organization using AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Amazon S3 Bucket Policies, to set access rules or authorization for various employees. Amazon S3 also offers encryption and object-level logging to track all Application Programming Interface (API) calls to objects. Post which, you can consolidate and analyze these API calls using AWS CloudTrail. 

AWS offers a very high durability rate of 99.99999999999%, which means that any object stored in AWS S3, for example, if 10,000 objects are stored, then you will experience the loss of one object out of 10,000 in every 10 million years. Sounds fascinating right? Your data is that secure. 

Is AWS a Cost-Effective Healthcare Solution? 

Yes! It is. You can enjoy AWS services in a pay-as-you-go model. Scale up or down in effect with demand, build Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for which AWS is an ideal platform. Don’t have to worry about employing cybersecurity professionals to keep an eye out for hackers and potential data breaches. Calculating AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), in the longer run, will incur much less compared to your on-premises set up. 


Some of the famous clients of AWS are CDC, HealthCare.gov, DNA nexus, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene, etc. These companies trust AWS for their data-intensive tasks and leverage its advantages to create an efficient architecture for its administration and patients alike. So, it all boils down to what you wish to do with the large volume of data. Will, you still prefer to follow conventional on-premise setup? or will you make way for newer technologies to accelerate growth? Going forward, choosing cloud computing seems to be the way forward, as every sector is slowly making the digital transformation in every way possible.


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